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HI everyone ,

This group has been a blessing to me . I live in small town in Tennessee . I've been hypo for 7 yrs now on .175mcg of levo . I feel like crap all the time . I just recently found out about the T3and ndt . Doctors here only want to give Levo or similar . I started taking supplement called thyro gold it is NDT . I am wandering if I can or should take it or to stay on levo and add T3 . I also have nodules with biopsy scheduled . I am tired ,joint pain ,foggy head , forgetful , wieght gain alot ! I really could use some help on what to do . I really just want to feel normal . Thanks in advance for help :)

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  • Hi Heather85, welcome to the forum.

    It would help people to help you, if you posted your latest blood test results - with ranges. Otherwise, we can't really know where you are and what's going on. :)

  • Hiya.

    Thyro Gold has some t3 in it, so you deffo could try it and see if it helps. You can either add it to your levo (depending on what your current bloods tell you) or you can try it on its own. I went very hypo on it (my own fault, I couldn't tell from my symptoms until it was too late) but I should have managed it better (w a time limit and blood test in six weeks).

  • I cant take levothyroxine at all. l gained like 50 lbs and my thyroid was going crazy. my doctor did tests and he put me on Synthroid 0.75 mg this is the brand name. no doctors that test for thyroid and diabetes will not put you on the drug you are taking. go to endocrinologist. I have been doing great on the above dosage since 1990. everything is within normal range and I feel great.

  • We are not the same, but I switched from 50 or so Levo in afternoon plus a 165 or so compound in morning - switched over to ThyroGold, no LEvo at all. I was taking high dose like you. I contacted the owner of Thyrogold and asked what she recommended. She answered. I took what she said for my morning dose (though now at bedtime instead) and about half of what she said for the afternoon. Then tweaked it after about a month.

    ThyroGold has the T3. And more.

    Since you are on such a high dose, you have to be careful not to go without what you need. And not to create a thyroid storm of too much hormone at once. Be cautious. Wait for answers, then move forward with great care.

  • Sorry to crash your post. Can anyone tell me the difference between NDT, Armour & thyro gold? My doc is suggesting a trial of Armour. I have hypo symptoms but it's not showing on any of my blood work. I am having food sensitivity testing first to see if this is causing exhaustion, foggy brain, painful joints, irritatability. Etc.

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