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Antibiotics advice please ?

Unwell last week , finally gave in and hubby rang doc's .

I was seen by a female clinician who was absolutely amazing .

My Oxygen was under 90 , temperature high . She put me on Oxygen at the surgery and rang the Hospital t o admit me .

Long story short I was give intravenous meds. and then tablets .After a few days I insisted on coming home as I hadn't slept a wink.

I was give the contents of a small pharmacy to take at home.

Prednisone , amoxicillin ,clarythemicin and something called carbocysteine ?

My question is.

Will all of this have affected my NDT which I had to take nefariously and advice on probiotic


Hospital rang to say I also viral influenza to go along with the asthma complications .

The last meds are finished today apart from carbocysteine.

I feel totally wiped out so if there is any advice on a tonic I would be very grateful.

Sorry about all the questions .


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Sorry to hear you've been so unwell. There's no apparent drug interaction between the antibiotics and carbocysteine which reduces mucus, but predisone is a steroid which may lower TSH so you may want to wait a few weeks before having a thyroid test.


Thanks Clutter

Do you think I should take a probiotic ?




They're supposed to be helpful in restoring gut flora so it may be a good idea.


Thanks again Clutter !


Yes but don't take them at the exact same time as each other.


Thanks PrimroseStar

I won't do that .


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