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To cut a long story short I went to my GP a week ago complaining about right abdominal pain spreading to back and shoulder. When I go toilet it stings when urinating. Done a blood test and tested positive for H Pylori bug. Given triple therapy containing Omeprazole, clarithromycin and amoxicillin. Also given maalox solution.

Pain was very bad on Thursday so attended local A&E and was told by the surgeons it might be muscle pain. I was told if it doesn't improve come back in 24/48 hours.

So as I have finished taking my triple therapy course and currently taking ibuprofen, the pain has spread from right side abdomen to right groin and testicle. What could it be and what should I do?

Many thanks

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  • Not gallbladder, nor H Pylori. Go back to doctors if it continues, they need to diagnose. Possibly kidneys but I don't know much about them so can't advise.

  • Just to follow up a mistake I might have made. Your pain is unlikely to be gall bladder but if a stone blocked the biliary tract and caused bile to head towards the pancreas then the gallstone could be indirectly responsible for your pain. Did the hospital take a blood test? Blood tests whilst you are having this sort of pain can give a very accurate diagnosis.

  • Yes I did have a blood test at the hospital but it came up fine

  • You need either ultrasound or CT scan. If it's a gallstone blocking the common bile duct, it can become extremely bad in the sense of life threatening emergency. I'm surprised they haven't done at least an ultrasound.

  • Ultrasound. If a stone is blocking the common bile duct above the pancreas the serum bilirubin levels will be astronomically high, if it is lower and blocking the pancreatic duct also then the pancreatic enzyme levels in the blood will be extreemly high also. This only applies during the time the duct is blocked. This pain could have lots of causes so a doctor needs to do a methodical examination.

    Just noticed your blood test came up fine, so if it included bilirubin it is most unlikely to be due to a stone in the bile duct. If you still have pain see your GP.

  • I'm surprised though that she hasn't even had an ultrasound done. You'd think it would be routine.

    Back in 2010 I had excruciating middle back pain. Doc thought maybe kidney stones. Had Xray, ultrasound, and 3D Ct scanning done over a 48 hour period. It was my loverly back. Disc herniated into spinal canal, inoperable unless i get paralyzed. Lots of permanent fun for life. Comprehensive bloodwork done as well. Was it overkill? No. i needed to work (self employed, no union, no benefits, no sick pay, no sick leave, no nothing) and i absolutely had to find out in the least amount of time what on earth was going on so I could cope. i really hate having to wait and wait for weeks when knowing is the best medicine.

    And yeah, it is still not a happy making pain situation but at least I know what's causing it.

  • Or it could be a kidney stone passing. Have you felt a bit nauseous?

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