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Quick advice if possibel, sorry if this sounds rude x

Hi, I have been trialling armour for 10 days, all good except I have had a worsening of a niggling lower right hand side of back pain. I have this from time to time but its usually cetralised, felt it more enhanced over last four five days.

I have frequent UTI's part of the thyroid issue I am sure, but last eight months have brought them under control with post intercourse antibiotic.

Anyway I have urine analysis sticks at home and just thought about testing this morning as the pain is not going away and I stumbled upon kidney infection site when researching back pain issue. Did the labstick and I have leukocytes in my urine. This is what happens when I get water infection anyway. I am experiencing zero symptoms re usual infection which is desperate need to urinate with no relief, this is just lower right handside back pain.

So I am wondering firstly, when I report this do I confess to taking armour, does anyone know of any link with armour and kidney issues? I have as I say had intermittent lower back pain over last year or two, but the focus of right hand side and worsening has been over last week or two.

I am not afraid of saying I am taking armour but do not waant to be told to desist or have the blame focus put on this if it is purely coincidental. I am doing well on armour otherwise.

Any ideas? :-(

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'Possible' even, lol hate typos


I really don't think a UTI can be linked to Armour to be honest


I was hoping this is the case, its just that I found a few threads on the internet where people stated they got a kidney infection following starting armour. It doesn't make sense to me how a thyroid hormone could cause infection, but was nevertheless concerned.

Just thought we have a wealth of people taking or having tried armour on here and wanted to see if this rang true for anyone else.

Thanks for this nobodysdriving.


Hi Leucocytes don't always mean infection, it can from cells from your bladder wall or even somthing as simple as a bit of vaginal discharge getting into your urine sample. If you were having acute kidney infection you would have raised blood probably plus 3 on the stick and also protein.

I have a bladder disease and kidney problems, i have these sticks but i try not to use them as they make me more anxious. If my bladder pain changes and i think i may have a uti i'll use them then.

Re your uti's, was your urine sent to the lab to confirm infection? I ask this because you can get something that feels like infection but there can be no bacteria as in interstitial cystitis the disease i have. I get referred pain to my right side at kidney level most of the time, also in the vulva, rectum and my thighs. A lot of doctors don't know about this inflammatory disease.

Re uti's after intercourse i'll tell you what i have to do to minimise pain. I think it benefits a lot of women so i'm not putting it in a pm.

Before sex empty the bladder and wash in something mild and soothing. I use E45 Wash. Get your partner to do the same. After sex (it's a bit clinical i know) get up empty your

Bladder within 10 mins of sex. If you have a bidet sit in the coolest water you can tolerate, same if you are in the shower, sit or spray for a few minutes to take inflammation down, then wash in your chosen unperfumed wash. E45WAsh moisturises sensitive skin. When you've showered drink a full glass of preferably still mineral water to flush out your bladder. Keep flushing out with water definitelnot any drinks that contain caffeine. Yes you have to discipline yourself, but it can save days of misery. Xx


Excuse typo's' silly phone!


Thanks for this Helcaster .


I've had about 15 proven infections over last three years. Generally when I get first symptoms leukocytes show first.

Sounds like we are very similar here, I do wash before sex (very clinical) lol, I also do the post sex wee, and antibiotic etc Dont generally wash again after sex until shower first thing next morning so thats worth a try.

My temp is only 36.9 and my average is 36.2 - 36.3 so although raised perhaps not enough to show infection?

I use sanex and e45 products like you because my skin is so dry and sensitive too

Had ultrasounds and camera into my bladder (very painful) and no apparent cause for UTI 's found , which makes me hope they will clear up when I get thyroid sorted.

Re today , my back feels like a constant dull throb, I have mild period type pains too (but not on my period) Had some groin twinges a couple of days ago that woke me at 4.00 am, and my tummy feels bloated too, but this does sometimes happen anyway.

Got appointment with out of jours sevice at three so will take it from there.

Do I say I have just started armour or keep shtum! ?


Hi Again,

When you had your cystoscopy did the Urologist fill your bladder with water to stretch it? It's the best way to look for any inflammation on the bladder wall. Did he/she take biopsies? If the mast cells are increased this is a reason for pain. Painful bladder syndrome came develop after a lot of UTI's. I know when I get bladder pain it can feel like period pain. My tum also swells too.

Have you tried cutting out caffeine citrus fruit and spicy food which can all irritate the bladder?

I hope your appointment went well. XX


Hi Helcaster, yes they filled my bladder with water but not sure about biopsy I was a bit faint so a nurse kept me distracted. They just said straight after that it all looked ok but to make an appointment for a few weeks later to confirm and they said the same then.

I have about two or three cups of tea a day max, so I'm hoping this doesn't constitute too much caffeine, don't drink coffee at all and coke is a rarity, maybe the odd glass if I go out. Fresh orange ? I drink that every day to aid vitamin c could that be a culprit ? Spicy foods are not regular just the occasional curry if we treat ourselves .

The nurse practitioner said it would be the start of an infection and no her testing the urine if my lab sticks showed leukocytes. I get her point but I've always had to send a sample off before firstly to confirm this and more importantly to make sure antibiotics are correct for that infection.

Do you take armour or thyroxine ? Did you find either had any effect on your UTI's ?



Hi! I haven't had a uti since 2006. I do have bladder pain every day and occasionally bad flare. In interstitial cystitis the bladder wall is cracked and bleeds, there's a lot of hard scar tissue around. I follow a low acid diet or the pain increases alarningly. I recent bought some vit C to helped my adrenals and it burned my bladder so much i had to stop, the same with the fruit flavoured B12. The orange juice is very caustic, a tea i can drink is redbush no acid no caffeine and it's really nice.

I take armour and levo, i did notice sime pain but that could have been those 2 vits. I've gone back to my old b12, i've been taking it for 10 plus years and i did notice my pain improve a little. I do take drugs for this condition but the diet is still a must.

I think all you can do if you feel a uti coming on is keep flushing your bladder out, drinking water with a bit of bicarb in is soothing, but don't overdo it because that's a lot of salt.

Definitely think you're opening yourself up to infection by delaying your shower after sex. The cool water is crucial too. Before this method i would have anything up to 5 days housebound and in terruble pain. Worth a shot! Xx


Thanks Helcaster , you are a mine of information! Will start trying the post sex shower now, and watch the vitamin C too. Its a minefield isnt it, and I am so sorry to hear you suffer this worse than me, thought I was really unlucky with UTI issues, but it looks like its not as simple as simply clearing them up is it.

Thank you for sharing this advice I really appreciate it.



No problems! I've had to become a bit of an expert in the last 10 years, just want to avoid more pain at the end of the day. Sex can cause trauma to your tissues making women more vulnerable to thrush and UTI's. Really the cool water immediately after sex takes the inflammation right down and it's a life saver for me.

I hope you don't wear tight trousers and wear cotton knickers lol! I'm sure you know all this stuff.

In the evening I put my nightie on to watch tv. I think letting the air get to your bits is such a healthy thing to do!! XX


Agreed re tight trousers etc, and the 'nightie' comment made me chuckle as I believe this and do this too lol. xx


Brillant! fingers crossed no more infections! Let me know how you're doing. Xxx


In my experience the symptoms of kidney infection is increased temp, and feeling very unwell, like flue, and pain in the area of the kidney. i really hope it is not the Armour



Fingers crossed this is just a coincidence Rosalin because everything else is going well. I dont feel as bad as flu, just uncomfortable and wee'ing more :-/ xx


I am on Armour but haven't experienced this. My personal view is that it is unlikley to be connected, but I am not medically qualified. I don't think I have come across this as a symptom on this site before. Good luck with the out of hours doc. xx


Thanks Clarebear. Ididnt think there would be a link if im honest, but got a bit paranoid with trying something new. Got a week of antibiotics so that should sort this, along with a sore in my mouth and some weird fungal nail thing. Guess im just text book run down. Onwards and upwards though, could be worse.!



I've been taking Armour for many years and have never had any kind of UTI. Have you heard of D-Mannose? It's a preventative that keeps bacteria from attaching.



Thanks for the link Heloise, will have a look x


Hi Renal pain, feels deep inside the tissues and very, very ,painful.It is a good idea to have U`s and E`s done ( kidney function ) especially if getting lots of urine infections.Also corrected calcium ,blood test. Also an ultra sound of kidneys. It can be the adrenal glands, if so, this should settle ,unless unlucky, on the correct thyroid treatment.

Best wishes,



Hi Jackie, the back ache started as an ache on my right lower back over a few days and built to a deep throb, wasnt absolute agony but really uncomfortable. Its easing back to a slight ache and intermittent now but been on antibiotics since saturday.

Over last two years I've had all of the UTI tests done and nothing was found. The only underlying problem I seem to have apart from hypo low bloods such as vit d, b12 and ferritin is a low white cell count. Always stays around 3.2 and 4.0 . G.p. said not to worry as its obviously my average. Wish I had her faith when dealing with frequent UTI's eye infections, toe nail infections etc etc. Here was me thinking this was actually an indicator or my rubbish immune system . But what do we know hey ;-/

Heres to this all sorting itself out when I get sorted on armour :-)

Thanks Jackie x


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