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Graves Disease


Hi everyone, I have been in remission from Graves Disease for nearly 2 years following treatment with Carbimazole. I stopped using the Carb in 2014.I had major surgery 3 weeks ago and am experiencing symptoms of my Graves again. I wondered if the surgery could have triggered it? Also if my blood test show it has returned what treatment would those who had a relapse recommend? Thankyou. ..Pipps x

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Hi Pippins2,

Have you had a thyroid test since your op?


No Jose I have not, I have made an appointment at my GP surgery but first one available is not for 2 weeks x

in reply to Pippins2

That's a pity P but I imagine I would wait until I know what my thyroid levels are.

J x

Yes I believe a major trauma such as surgery can trigger graves. I think it is important that you get your levels checked asap

Hi Pippins, Mid-February I had an Oophorectomy (Both ovaries) and until about 2 weeks ago I felt awful. Could not wake up properly nor was I able to actually get up until late morning. About 2 weeks ago I felt as though I suddenly had a bit more energy. I would certainly give it a few more weeks of recovery until your body as had a chance to settle down. It has taken me almost 3 months to feel on a more even keel again. Wish you well and a full recovery.

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