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Nutri Adrenal Extra and weight


My daughter started taking Nutri Adrenal Extra a couple of weeks ago and she is also dieting. She has been losing a little weight but since taking the NAX has not lost anything.

Does anyone know if NAX has an effect on one's weight.

Thank you.

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NAX is supplemented in order to support the adrenal glands. If NAX were to improve adrenal health and previously low cortisol levels, this may encourage better thyroid function and so an increased metabolism. ..... so yes ... in an indirect fashion, NAX may assist in weight loss but it would be a long haul as adrenal health improvements can take months//years.


Many thanks for your reply.

She was panicking thinking it my make her put weight on, as she has not lost any weight since starting the NAX, were as previous to taking it she had lost some.

Your explanation will reassure her that it is the opposite which could happen.


Hi Sandy,

many thanks for your reply and taking the time to look at my other posts.

I have recently down loaded the ebook from Amazon after I saw it recommended to another member.

After reading it my daughter has started to take her T3 in one daily dose and yesterday she said she felt a bit better but did not know if it was because of this or because of the NAX (she is only taking one NAX a day)

Regarding the genetic cause, yes I am hypo. my sister has just been diagnosed hypo.

When I was a child I had an Uncle who was very thin and full of "nerves" he would tremble and shake really bad, suffered from anxiety and depression and got the most horrendous migraines. His Doctor used to say "it is just your nerves"

I remember he once said the Doctor had eventually given him Beta blockers and he feel a lot better with them. Looking back at photographs he did have very large pertruding eyes. I now think poor man what if he had been Hyper/Graves all the time and he was never diagnosed and treated for it.

My Uncle's father suffered from depression and eventually committed suicide.

I also have a cousin who was born with Dwarfism (is this connected to the thyroid/pituitary) ?

All these relatives were on my Mothers side of the family. My Mother suffered from severe depression whilst going through the menopause and gain a lot of weight and post menopause would complain of aches and pains all the time and would fall to sleep every afternoon. Did she have undiagnosed hypothyroidism.

Sandy do you happen to know if my daughter would be able to go to Addenbrooks Hospital to get test for Thyroid Hormone Resistance ?

Any further advice would be gratefully received.

Many thanks again browny.


I will look more into the work of Dr. Moran and Addenbrooks,

then contact them.

Do you mind me asking do you have thyroid hormone resistance ?

Many thanks again for you advice.

Best wishes browny


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