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Cytomel T3

Hi all,

Has anyone purchased the above online, some feedback would be helpful.

My friend has been listening to me researching my thyroid problem and that if you are not converting t4 into t3 then you need to get some t3. So she went online and purchased the above and is taking 25mg but has not reduced her thyroxine at 200mg.

I have only got as far as researching all this before I see a consultant but I keep seeing people starting at 1/2 grain and reducing thyroxine - is that the natural t3 in grains? Excuse my ignorance - has anyone tried these tablets - any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

My friend has been very ill for sometime hence her desperation whereas I have only started having problems since January so just starting on this learning curve.

Many thanks

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Pfizer Cytomel is branded T3 and is very expensive compared to Uni-Pharma (Greek T3) and Tiromel (Turkish T3). Cytomel is often used as a generic term for T3.

25mcg T3 is equivalent to 75mcg which is a very large dose increase in one hit. Your friend would be sensible to have a FT3 test to check her FT3 remains within range. It is not uncommon to be very over medicated without feeling hyper. It's only necessary to reduce Levothyroxine if FT4 is at the top of range when adding T3. Most people add T3 in 6.25mcg increments and increase in 6.25mcg increments until FT3 is in the upper range.

It is NDT which is started at 1/2 grain (30-32.5mg). Thyroxine dose can be reduced while NDT dose is introduced and built up. NDT is combination T4 and T3 derived from whole pig thyroid. Many members prefer NDT to synthetically produce Levothryoxine (T4) and Liothyronine (T3).

If you post your recent thyroid results including FT3 members will advise whether you appear to be a poor converter or whether you are simply under medicated.


Many thanks but im due more bloods in 2 weeks and then I am seeing a specialist so will pos my next bloods on receipt. The above information is for my friend who has been ill for a long time so desperate to try anything.

All information gratefully received and will pass on to her.

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