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"Endoscopy under GA" and year 8 of throat pain

Hi Everybody, some of you may recall my situation that ENT dr requested an Endoscopy after Endo refused to see me despite overt Hypo TPO and Graves Antibodies. (That's another installment on its own) So yesterday 7am arrival after nil by mouth since my evening meal. 11 AM met the anesthetist, First question, why are you having a general anesthetic? err i didnt really know but explained that ENT was specific about it being under GA because she wanted to look in a bit more detail. He asked me what symptoms i had OMG I wasn't prepared for that, so pointed to my throat area that is painful, explained the saga, that I hadn't felt like this when I had Graves the first time (17 years ago), but when it relapsed 8 years ago I began to feel this pain. At that time only after using my arms to do pushing type activities sweeping/mopping for eg. Endo at that time said it was not my thyroid, as TSH by then was OK. However it has continued to be painful worsening and almost continual spreads across both collar bones and into shoulders making using my arms painful.I explained ENT dr felt it was Thyroiditis but my thyroid she said wasnt palpable. and the nasal camera had been completely normal. Anesthetist said "So it could be behind your sternum, what did the CT and ultrasound show? I havent had either of those done, he said he wasn't happy about giving me a GA without those, also wanted to see my latest echo cardiogram re my Aortic Regurgitation. He said he would speak to the surgeon. Waited another 3 hours and was told by manager that it wasnt happening because no bed. Sorry about that but thers been an emergency. By that time I was beside myself with a headache and shaking and sweating. Another appointment will be sent out within 4 weeks.

Myself and husband took days holiday from work but tough s**********

Actually very depressed now

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A very frustrating outcome. However, it seems this guy is doing his job correctly, not putting you under GA without knowing what's going on. Hopefully his follow up will get the other doctors to sort themselves out.


yes v frustrating indeed, thankyou Jim :-l you are right he seemed to ask more pertinant questions and didnt ask whether i was anxious or depressed. Another Incredible but true installment brought to me by my very own Series of Unfortunate Events

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