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Endo Visit - Waste of time


Went to Endoctrine clinic as been feeling ill since before Christmas. I told her my symptoms, tired, anxiety, cold hands and feet headaches hot flushes etc also that I have Hasimotos Thyroiditis and Pernicious Anaemia and going through menopause. I explained that doc had tested thyroid but only TSH, she replied TSH is the best way to test and no need to test t3 & t4. I asked why then, for the last 23 years I had always had all tested and its funny that now money is tight its not necessary I added a big smile! She said well Im telling you its not necessary. I then said I would like them tested as long term thyroxine usage can lead to conversion problems which I had read on Thyroid UK. She was surprised (don't know if that's because she wasn't aware or because I was fairly knowledgeable) she then said that the British Thyroid Association does not recommend T3 & T4 need testing to give a result but she would put them on the form adding the lab might not do the them.

I just feel its a total waste of time and I don't really blame the consultants they have to abide by NHS rules etc. I think if you have cancer of a large bump on your head, broken leg NHs are good, but if you just 'don't feel well' they haven't got the time of the money to help you. I really feel for people who have thyroid problems but are not being diagnosed because of NHS constraints the same for Pernicious Anaemia and other auto immune diseases that make you feel so ill.

I have had a lot of comments since Christmas from friends and family 'oh you need a holiday' and 'do you think its all in your head' I try not to get mad because they just don't understand, I look ok that's all they see.


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Sorry you wasted your time.

You are welcome to come on here and rant.



I totally agree with you on this I'm in the same boat been trying to get sorted since being diagnosed with overactive parathyroid glands in 2004/2015. I was really ill for wks could not get a diagnosis from my gp after six wks of saying it was a kidney infection they took blood and they found I was hyper..I really thought GREAT!! I'm Gona get sorted..went to a specialist at Newcastle and was diagnosed with me/CFS/fibro because my secondary bloods came bk as normal levels,,I eventually saw a endo who said I might be attacking my thyroid hence the sporadic blood tests but she would not medicate me as my bloods were normal!!!..been trying for years to fight the endos its like you say their hands are wonder the NHS are struggling if they sorted all the thyroid people out with meds we wouldn't be bothring our GPS/endos so much!!!


If I had five pounds for every time it was suggested I had a good holiday, I'd be in the Bahamas now!! Sorry you've had such a frustrating experience with your endocrinologist appointment. I'm contemplating using the private blood testing as mentioned on the ThyroidUK website.


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