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10,000+ signatures on T3 petition

I'm going to make a start and will let you know how I get on

There are ONLY about 8000 GP surgeries in England.

We need to contact all affected or potentially affected patients regarding T3 withdrawl.

HARDLY ANY OF WHICH will be on the various forums and know what's going on.

Therefore we need to go actively looking for them and making contact

How to do this?

Recruiting people through contacts and the forum boards who would take a 'catchment area' local to them

and circle all GP practices they will target.

Provide downloadable and printable posters and flyers

Place these in house gardens ( with owners permission) near and next to all surgeries

place in shop windows, car windows, supermarket boards etc etc

Collate replies

Get a 10,000+ petition going

Let the Docs driving to work know we are pro-active.

I'm gonna do this locally and I will let you know how I get on.



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Most GP surgeries have patient groups don't they? If they do a newsletter they can also attract the target audience.

Also, there is the local Healthwatch group. Members of the public (with a health or social care interest) can register interest and then receive news and info healthwatch.co.uk/

I am sure there are other community groups with health interests that others may suggest.


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