T3 expense to NHS

MY GP told me yesterday that they are trying to discontinue T3 because of cost! If they do it will be false economy because of sufferers filling GP surgeries with complaints that will be fobbed off with viruses, fibromyalgia, RA, blood pressure issues and not to forget all the female hormone knock on effects that thyroid issues cause and women will be having scrapes, hysterectomies, heavy periods, thrush etc. etc. etc. Not impressed and quite seriously livid!

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One thing the NHS is very bad at, is enconomics. They just have no idea what they're doing! They cannot see any further than the end of their noses. No point in trying to explain to them that they would save a massive amount of money if they would just learn how to diagnose and treat thyroid correctly. They are stuck in their ways and refuse, point blank, to consider any other way of doing things. We all know that what they're doing is going to be a disaster, but even if they realise that, they will never back down and admit it.


This is why ......nothing to do with actual cost of making T3.......

Thanx Slowdragon.....how do they sleep at night?!!!! Disgraceful! Thanks for the article.

Unbelievable!its 2016 & this is the UK

MP T3 used to be about £30 - even at that it was expensive. They now appear to be on the bandwagon now, milking the NHS or denying patients T3 prescritions.

My NHS practise has written to tell me they are charged £198.62 for 28 tablets,& won't be prescribing it anymore.The pharmaceutical company that makes Mercury Pharma T3 & supplies most of the NHS has been bought by venture capitalists & they have inflated the price.It was already overpriced.

If they had reduced the price just when endos were beginning to prescribe T3 for combination therapy,their sales would have rocketed.

This is the dark side of capitalism in combination with an NHS that is failing to deal with purchasing.

I'm always amazed that it doesn't occur to them to change supplier. If other countries can source T3 for a few euros, why can't the NHS? If a supplier charges a business too much and there are better prices elsewhere, the business changes supplier, or uses that threat to get a better deal - perhaps they need to get someone with a commercial clue into NHS purchasing.

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