Help over medicating?

TSH 0.49 (0.38-5.5)

T4 Serum free 19.4 (10.0-18.7)

T3 Serum free 4.2 (3.5-6.5)

My latest results finally I have my T3 after the lab decided not to do T3 & T4 as my TSH was normal. I have my first Endo appt next Monday. Overall I'm feeling a lot better but still have the inner tremors / shaking constantly and palpations. Any advice please? Dr suggested reducing my levo from 100 to 75? Thanks

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  • I can't really understand why your doctor would want to reduce your levo. Your TSH is in range which is what they usually go by. I imagine it is because your FT4 is just outside the range. However, your FT3 is quite low in range and that is the important one although doctors don't seem to know this.

    It looks to me like you are not converting T4 to T3 very well. That's what needs addressing.

    Have you had antibodies tested to see if you have autoimmune thyroid disease (Hashimoto's)?

    Have you had Vit D, B12, ferritin and folate tested? All need to be at optimal level for thyroid hormone to convert into the active hormone T3, particularly ferritin which needs to be 70+, preferably 100 to half way through range.

  • I've got hashitomotos. My a ibises were 700+. I haven't had all the other tests but know my b12 and ferritin although in range have always been low ie B12 312 last time. Any advice as to what I should ask my endo? Can I request a full lot of tests you've stated? And would a small dose of t3 help?

  • For Hashimoto's, you need to be scrupulously gluten free, some people also need to be dairy free. This should reduce the antibody attacks.

    Do you have the actual results, with reference ranges, for the B12 and ferritin? B12 should be around 900-1000 and ferritin needs to be 70+, preferably 100 to half way through range for thyroid hormone to work.

    You could ask your endo (or GP) for the tests, whether he will agree to do them is another thing. If they wont do them you can get them done privately through Blue Horizon, their Thyroid Plus Eleven is £99 and includes all thyroid tests, plus ferritin, folate, B12 and Vit D.

    The addition of T3 may help, maybe discuss this with your Endo to see if he would be willing to allow a trial, pointing out that your FT3 is very low in relation to your FT4 and it is reasonable to assume that there is a problem with conversion. Some endos do seem to be willing to prescribe small amounts of T3, the problem seems to be getting GP surgeries to agree to pay for it.

    PS, sorry, just realised you say your B12 is 312. That's too low, as mentioned it should be around 900-1000.

  • Thank you that's a big help. Although struggling being totally gluten free with sauces gravy etc and eatin out. But I'll ask my endo to check everything n cause a fuss if they not agree! They'll love me 🙈 But seeing the difficulties ppl experience on here I might as well start as I mean to go on by helping myself and pushing for the right treatment x

  • It seems to be the case that you have to make the effort as far as gluten is concerned, it's not an option to remove most gluten, it must be all gluten.

    Also, selenium supplementation is supposed to help in cases of Hashi's.

    As I don't have Hashi's, it's not something I've delved deeply into, just things I've picked up reading other posts. Here are a couple of links, not much but I don't bookmark Hashi's links, might be worth a Google to do some research.

    Good luck with your end, I hope you get all the help you need.

  • I agree with this.... and the importance of T3. I can tell when my T3 isn't quite right. Did you know that selenium is essential for that conversion, and also helps protect your thyroid gland from damage, even damage from too much iodine? If you don't want to start supplementing with iodine, at least make sure whatever other vitamins you are taking have plenty of selenium. There's a really good thyroid supplement product by 1body on amazon that has the appropriate ratio of iodine to selenium. I have a natural-care pharmacist who has taught me a ton on the subject!!

  • I have B11 selenium and vit D to take but waiting until I see my endo so I don't skew my results to get a full check up and diagnosis :)

  • Vitamin D very important too

  • DO NOT reduce your meds baded on blood tests alone, ask for a complete physiqual review.

  • Thanks I will as I still have symptoms

  • Hi - re: going gluten free. I know it's hard but, personally, once I realised how ill it was making me, I was totally motivated. I want to see if I can get these antibody levels down. OK I'm not a scientist or a doctor so this won't sound quite right but what apparently is happening is that we Hashimotos sufferers all have leaky gut which needs to be fixed somehow. The gluten (and possibly dairy molecules) are leaking into our blood stream and our antibodies are 'marking' the gluten so that our antibodies will 'kill' the foreign invader. Unfortunately our thyroid has a similar makeup which is why our bodies start to attack the thyroid (auto immune disease). So with gluten remember A LITTLE IS THE SAME AS A LOT. You have to be completely gluten free so that that the antibodies 'forget' the 'order' to kill the gluten (and the thyroid). I'm not sure if this will work but I feel a lot better being gluten free (having previously been very sceptical).

    Now for the practicalities: I'm not a great cook but I have found that Buckwheat is pretty good for thickening gravy. It gives it a 'down-home' sort of taste rather like the difference between white bread and brown bread if that makes any sense. You can also us it to make roux sauces. Again a bit of a more wholesome flavour.

    Gluten free flour is great for baking - no different from ordinary in my humble opinion.

    Good luck!

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