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New here and looking for advice x


I'm a newbie but have been reading for a while.

I've finally joined to see if anyone is able to recommend a reputable online pharmacy where I can buy Naturethroid without prescription?

A few details - I'm 33, 6 years ago I was diagnosed hypothyroid after my first pregnancy with a TSH of 200>, t4 1.4, I'm currently on 200mcg of Levothyroxine daily, with a supressed tsh of 0.01, but I constantly feel tired, and despite following a 1200 cal diet (I have went as low as 800 and up to 1400 with no change, everything is tracked on MFP) and doing HIIT training 30 mins per day for 8 months I cannot drop a pound - I am very frustrated and I would like to try an NDT but the doctors won't prescribe. Any advice would be gratefully received - thanks Katy!

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Hi Katy

I can't help with the Naturethroid I'm afraid as I don't take NDT. But as a first step it might be a good idea to make sure that everything is ideal for thyroid hormone to work properly. It could be a case of your Levo T4 not converting to T3.

Do you have full thyroid test results to share (with reference ranges)?

You need


FT4 - usually best for most people near the top of the range

FT3 - let's see how well you are converting T4, usually needs to be a bit higher than FT4

TPO antibodies - to see if you have autoimmune thyroid disease (Hashimoto's)

TG antibodies - Ditto

Vit D




If your vitamins and minerals are all optimal then that gives the best chance for thyroid hormones to work properly. If any of them are deficient then they can be supplemented. If all are optimal and you still have symptoms then considering adding T3 if needed or trying NDT is a good idea.

Has your GP done any of these tests? If not can you ask for them? If he won't do them it's easy enough to get them done for a reasonable price privately through Blue Horizon.


Hi SeasideSusie thank you so much for replying -

I recently asked for copies of my bloodwork history - the most recent from May 2015 is:

TSH: <0.02 (range 0.30 - 4.50)

free T3 5.1 pmol/L (range 3.1 - 6.8)

Strangely I can't find any T4 levels on the paperwork so that's probably not much help.

I have an appointment for an annual review tomorrow - I'll ask if they'll test for the vitamin and mineral levels too.

Thanks again,



Hi Katy

It's unusual for the lab to do FT3 so I'm wondering if your FT4 was over range, or if it wasn't done then why. My TSH is always suppressed and the only time FT3 has been done is when FT4 was over range. When you go tomorrow, ask if FT4 was done. If it was and it's over range then you are possibly like me, some conversion but not well enough.

Anyway, also ask for the other tests and the full thyroid panel again to include FT4. If they wont do them then for £79 you can get them done with Blue Horizon and you get the results back in a few days. They do a fingerprick version of the test, just a few ml in a small tube you can do at home if you think you can manage it, otherwise you need to get the blood drawn.


Your story sounds exactly the same as mine. I too am on 200mg of Levo, and watch what i eat and exercise, and never drop any pounds, they go on easily enough though lol. Good luck with your quest for a better you.


Lucky14, see my reply to katyfow below. :)

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Hi Lucky14, same here it feels like a one-way street. I'll keep you posted how I get on - good luck with your quest too!

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katyfow, you are not eating enough! Hypo weight gain has nothing to do with calories, it is to do with sub-optimal T3 and nutrients. Not eating enough calories can have an adverse effect, because you need calories to convert T4 into T3. And it really sounds as if you aren't converting.

Strenuous exercise is also a bad idea. It won't help you lose weight, on the contrary it could make you put on more weight because it not only uses up your calories - and you're not getting enough to begin with - it also uses up your T3, making you more hypo.

So, if you want to lose weight, otpimise your nutrients, eat more calories and only do gently walking and swimming, and then you stand a better chance of optimising your T3. :)


Hi greygoose thank you so much for your reply - that's really interesting. I am only 5'3" so my bmr and tdee etc is quite low anyway - as I said I was on 800 cals for 4 months and saw no change in my weight/body mass whatsoever. I've then upped to 1200 for the last 6 weeks and I've gained another 2lbs in that time. I didn't fully realise the link between T3 and calories, so went with the old adage of cals in vs cals out, which clearly is not the case for many of us. But having said that I'm frightened to up my calories as the weight gain only seems to be a one-way street.

I have ordered Thyroid NDT from Thailand to trial, and will see how my body responds to introducing T3. I've had a full blood panel taken today and will see the GP on Friday to discuss. I'll post my results.

Thanks again for your advice!


p.s Just looked at your link to the Kent Holtorf article - I see how the chronic dieting links to rT3 and potentially causes further issues. Now I need to pluck up the courage to ease back on the diet - hopefully the addition of T3 will help x


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