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Zero concentration

Hi all I'm wondering if someone could help me with any advice + have had the same symptoms as I am having now + not getting any better. I was on 100 levo + dr said that my bloods were OK now + wasn't interested in all my symptoms +said I was depressed so I bought nature thyroid + started on half a grain approx at end of march. I'm up to 2 grains now+ can't really see any improvement + I'm feeling so down + feel as though I'm never going to get better again. Do anyone else have no concentration whatsoever + it's not improving. Everything I start doing is never finished as I just leave it + do something else. Everything is just an effort to do. I was thinking of upping my ndt to 2 and a half tomorrow. I would be so grateful if someone could help me with any advice at all + thankso much in advance

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I get like this when under medicated. It's an awful feeling. A restlessness that you can't satisfy. I start reading books and only get one or two pages in, I don't even know what I want to eat. I always just want to be asleep when I'm like that as I have no energy for anything else but the 'racy brain' drives me mad. You probably were depressed as your gp said but as a symptom of hypothyroidism!! I have no experience of nature thyroid so can't comment on that but some one will. Maybe you need to give it more time or maybe it just isn't for you. Your symptoms sound under active though


Hi alfinno, I know it's maddening. You have more than doubled your dose so perhaps it's not due to under medicating. How are your other cofactors like B12, ferritin and such. Maybe some help here. stopthethyroidmadness.com/s...


Naturethroid didn't agree with me and struggle with any product containing T3

I get same symptoms as you/pastille describe but as often happens with thyroid hormones, I get them when over medicated.

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Hi Alfinno

Afraid I don't have any advice except to say am feeling just the same. Hope you get it sorted


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