Private results & todays GP visit in response

Private results & todays GP visit in response

So after having private test results her again.. GP response why did you have a private test @ the same time a an NHS one angry face. I said, because I wanted the thyroid stuff for my records.. His response to my deficiency is Hydroxocobalamin 1mg1ml injection one every 2 weeks for 4 then once every 3 months.. Says I'm not that lacking.. Vit D Pro D3 10.000 unit one every other day. I'm not that bad...Folic acid 5mg 1 daily.. I'm not that bad.. Nothing re CRP and has referred me after pressure to Gastro.. Issue with that is I will be on b12 by then and any tests will be skewed??? pease help what next x 😊

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  • Scorpiojo, fire your GP - he's going to kill you. He doesn't seem to have a clue!

    Your B12 level is awful. I would strongly recommend you post here: for some advice ASAP. You need some proper loading injections - what he's proposing isn't what's recommended. I'm guessing you feel awful...

    Your Vit D level is also horribly low - 10,000iu a day would be a better idea for at least a month, then 5000iu a day after that - perhaps for the long term.

  • I will 😊 thanks I just don't know what to do now...

  • Actually you so need 10,000IU of vitamin D for longer than that. Take it with a vitamin K2 and magnesium supplement. This is because your bones have demineralised and you will have severe bone pain otherwise while your bones remineralise if you don't take magnesium. The K2 is to help calcium get to the bones. Vitamin D should be taken with lunch or dinner as these are meals with sufficient fat in them. If you have sleep problems take it at lunch time.

    The NHS protocol where I am is 60,000IU a week for 12 weeks if you are severely deficient. This is what YOU are. Then 1,000-2,000IU per day. However the 60,000IU for 12 weeks isn't enough to get your level to optimum for most severely deficient people. So you need to take 5,000IU per day after that until you get to optimum. Then you can cut down to 2,000IU. Ideally the NHS should test you after the 12 weeks to confirm you don't have a condition where you don't absorb vitamin D, however they don't. In my area they wait 6 months to save money. In other areas they simply refuse to retest and presume its working.

    Your ferritin level is too LOW. It should be mid-range. Doctors don't understand ferritin levels. For your ferritin level you need to take around 65mg of elemental iron a day with vitamin C. (This is about one ferrous fumarate tablet.) DO NOT take any more iron as you risk iron overload. You must NOT follow the protocol for iron deficiency anaemia.

    Take iron away from all other supplements and medications apart from the vitamin C as it interacts with a lot of things. Also avoid tannins e.g. tea, coffee, red wine and dairy products within 2 hours of taking it. Ideally you want to leave a 4 hour gap between iron and other supplements and medications apart from the vitamin C. Your stools will go black and you may have upset stomach and bowels. If you do it's advised to take it before you go to bed. Obviously if you are taking other medications before bed you can't.

    Once your ferritin level gets to optimum you may need to still take an iron supplement. Experiment with taking a lower dose one e.g. 24 mg of elemental iron. If you do this you need to have a ferritin test around 8-12 weeks. This is to check your levels are stable and you are not over or under dosing. If you are adjust accordingly.

    B12 the PA society will inform you on.

    Folate you can take when you like.

    You will need to repeat your tests for ferritin and vitamin D at a minimum of 6 monthly intervals in the first incidence. You vitamin D needs to get to around 100 and ferritin to 70. Your ferritin will take about 6 months and your vitamin D will take about a year to go to that level. (If it takes longer but they are increasing you are ok.) Once the levels are optimal you will need to have annual blood tests to check you are maintaining your vitamin D level.

    It is also advised to check the rest of your nutrient levels at least annually but as they fluctuate more you may need to test them when you are feeling tired etc.

  • can you tell me a good k2 and magnesium tab? And iron please... If rules say private message that's fine... It's a lot to take in lol... Just shows my brain has gone to floss... 😊 Jo

  • The rule on private message is only for prescription medication, not vitamins and minerals. :)

    For K2 I take NOW 100 mcg. If you go on Amazon, you will see lots of choice. Most of them are pretty good, I believe. But I wouldn't bother going to a health food store, a pharmacy or B and H because they just Don't have such good quality suppléments.

    Magnesium is more complicated, because there are so many different types. This article explains it well :

    Sorry, I can't give any advice on iron. :)

  • Is natures choice H & B? It's a dear old do all these different vits and stuff.. I recall having black stools and rushing into the GP saying I'm dying when pregnant... Only for him to laugh as he hadn't warned me... Jesus I'd never been ill body wise, so black poop really shocked me... Hoping someone can help.. Thanks for the help.. I've seen k2 and I'd already got vit D from solgar this week.. 😊

  • I Don't think Natures Choice is H&B. It doesn't say so on their web site.

  • What sort of specialist would tell you the best vits or what vits you should take... I have thought it would be a natrupath but I googled for one and didnt seem to get any in Essex lol..I know it's all fake tans but I want a good person to get my vits to where anything Thyroid etc I take will hlp.. Jo

  • I Don't think there is a specialist that just deals with that. A naturopath might know something about it. Then again, the might not. A nutritionist might know but I have little faith in nutritionists. I think people on here know more about it than any specialist you might find.

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