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aldosterone and adrenal fatigue?

Does anyone know if adrenal cortex contains aldosterone, or do you need to take whole adrenal for that? Or does neither contain aldosterone?

I have seen two so called top docs in Belgium who both said my aldosterone levels were suboptimal, but they have focused on treating my adrenal fatigue with Medrol and HC respectively. I cannot help but wonder Florinef (brand name for aldosterone) is so rarely mentioned? If you have been diagnosed with adrenal fatigue, should you not take aldosterone as well? As a result of my diagnosis (adrenal fatigue), I have been put not only on Medrol/HC, but also on estrogen and progesterone.

Or is the idea that once your adrenal glands recover, with the help of HC or Medrol, not only will they start producing more cortisone, but also more aldosterone...?

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Google the ingredients of adrenal cortex to see whether it contains aldosterone.

I'm sorry I can't answer your questions, my knowledge of adrenals is limited and I know nothing of aldosterone.


I found this article both interesting and enlightening:

It seems aldosterone is not as well known as cortisol. However, all Hertoghe doctors test aldosterone levels, but many seem unwilling or not knowledgeable enough to treat aldosterone deficiency adequately...

From this article, I take it adrenal cortex contains aldosterone, along with cortisol.

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