Wake up feeling exhausted, body all sore and feel fluey also hot flushed but no flu. Is this thyroid or lack of t3 related?!

Hi all, 

Most mornings I wake up feeling extremely exhausted and my body feels sore, feels also like I am extremely lacking something. I first thought maybe Iron as I am low in that but have been lately supplementing it. Also I take my new lactose free thyroid Med in the morning, used to take it in the evening but this hasn't changed how I feel in the mornings. 

I just always feel very sore, often quite fluey even though I don't have the flu, achey and so tired every morning. It's horribel to feel this way and often I feel hot flushes too every morning. I'm just trying to pin point if this could be thyroid related or if it's something else. I also have a feeling I may need to add T3 to my treatment but need to get it retested. I have hypothyroid and hashimotos, if that helps anybody answer! 

Any suggestions or thoughts would be appreciated as I hate feeling like this. 



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  • Kerrycat7,

    It will help members advise if you post your recent thyroid results and ranges.

  • Kerrycat, 

    A Hashimotos attack can bring flu like symptoms as your immune system uses antibodies to attack proteins in the thyroid gland. Large numbers of white blood cells called lymphocytes slowly destroy the thyroid gland eventually depleting thyroid hormone.

    Optimal working thyroid meds, nutrients and iron will help suppress Hashi attacks. You have deficiencies in Vit B12 & iron that may inhibit good thyroid hormone synthesis.

    Many members have found a gluten free diet helps reduce the thyroid antibodies as will supplementing selenium.


    Gluten-thyroid connection



    Selenium reduces TPOAb


  • Hi radd , your link is interesting because I've had an above range lymphocyte count In last 4 blood results but told not to worry ! I'm undiagnosed with hypo symptoms & as i've stated In my profile I ache & feel fluey everyday. Sorry to impose on your post Kerrycat7.

  • That is interesting too Butterfly! 

    I have an extremely low Lymphocyte count and I thought this was contributing to the flu symptoms I have that are usually on a daily basis!

    My Lymphocyte count is currently being investigated by a Rheumatologist as it isn't normal to have such a low one as they have told me!

  • Hi Kerrycat7

    Is your TWBC within range? Mine is although on the high side & they're observing my Monocyte & Eosiniphil (low in range) & platelet counts but no idea why until I see my GP tomorrow. I'm told that if twbc is in range as well as platelets there is nothing to worry about.

  • Antibodies is the test that show that thyroid is being attacked..

  • My antibodies test was very low a few months ago at 29 down from 500 after taking selenium...so I don't know if it is that..

  • Low antibodies can also mean your immune system has become too weak to make them.    If you have not treated the root causes, like food sensitivities, it is most likely Hashimoto's flaring or even improper meds.  I have been diagnosed recently with chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia.  My eyes are blurry too.  I don't believe it is anything other than Hashimotos and missing hormones, like Cortisol and Growth Hormone possibly.  I have a conversion issue, so have been on t3 only for 2 years with no improvement and unable to raise the dose.

  • Hi Radd

    That is interesting to know. Funnily enough, I take selenium which has stopped my horrible neck swelling pains and has helped reduce my antibodies they are now 29 and were 500 plus on pre diagnosis of Hashimotos - I was very ill indeed. Also, I am gluten free for the past 6-7 months it has also helped. I fear the flu symptoms are connected like you say to Hashimoto's flare ups and my White cells - lymphocyte counts are extremely low - this could be a connection too!

    Thanks for the links :)

  • I can say for a definite fact that Selenium has lowered my Antibodies dramatically! 

  • Kerrycat, 

    There are three types of lymphocytes: B-cells, T-cells, and natural killer cells all helping to protect our bodies from infection. 

    Lymph glands (nodes) in the neck, armpit & groin filter the lymphatic fluid and trap bacteria. Local wide spread inflammation can result in painful swollen lymph glands. Although prevalent in Hashi sufferers this is not acknowledged by many doctors who are useless when treating auto immune disease..

    Because Hashimotos is known to lower our lymphocyte count it is  important to live a healthy life style and supplement deficiencies in order to strengthen the immune system. Not eating well and stress will further exacerbate a low lymphocyte count.

  • Kerrycat, could it be sleep apnoea? That's getting increasingly common, and if you are undermedicated, a real possibility.

  • Hi Jazz How can you tell if you have that?

  • I can tell you I take cytomel 12 mcg for 30 days. It swells up my stomach horribly but since day one I noticed less aches and pains when I take it. I feel warmer, less hair loss and not as many cravings. So it has its benefits. I'm also less tired in the morning when I wake up.

  • Hi Darlene I think I need to look into getting Cytomel, Do you get it from abroad? I am trying to find a reliable source and once I manage to get the medication I can ask my Endo to monitor me on it.



  • I will in box you. I do need you to know since taking it my stomach looks pregnant. So it helps but I am having this bloat.

  • Hashimoto's will make you feel that way..happens to me.  You can get rid of Hashi's.  

  • How do you get rid of it? apart from the usual Gluten/Dairy free diet? 

  • i will be doing the 30-90 day, autoimmune paleo reset diet, removing all of my favorite foods..great..to get rid of my inflammation and pain..dairy, legumes, nightshades, all grain..rice,  corn..its terrible.  But, I have already had testing and treatment with functional medicine doctor and food sensitivity testing, done all i can there.   I have a leaky gut, autoimmune gastritis and reflux too.

    I read mark hyman and isabella wentz, kelly brogan too.  Check out the websites for getting rid of autoimmune disease.  

  • I got really really ill when I gave up gluten I'm sure not everyone does though.mp I can't digest red meat I can digest rice seeds nuts and that's it I've also been diagnosed with some salmonella in the past on top of the Hashimotos, the thyroid fluctuations, the anemia, the low white blood cells, the CFS/M.E , the flu and sinus issues and the urine infections .....omg what am I going to do?

  • I am very ill myself.  I felt very soothed by a slice of toast and butter.  I really miss it.  I do not digest well, it just sits there until i become breathless from distention.  I vomit to relieve this, it is the only way!!  Since 2009!!  My hope is that my stomach will improve on the autoimmune diet, i do have leaky gut and autoimmune disease..Hashimotos.  The pain could be from grains..you know?  No pain, no grain..corn, rice, etc..  I will nibble on allowed foods, throughout the day, pray for improvement and hopefully be able to travel to Boston to the Pituitary Center, to address the damage there.  I have become so inflamed, that my pituitary is squashed!!  My brain blood flow is low too, vision blurred..i have to do something.  

  • That's awful too ! Yes you'll have to get some help I'd say .....are you sure you don't have a bug in your bowels I have diarrhea most days the NHS didn't find any infections or bugs on their stool....but the Genova CDSA parisitology did find them.....I've got to say it's ok with rehydration sachets, bars of some kind .....I suppose you have salty water or electrolyte sachets after vomitting. Good luck !

  • Yes nibbling food is good

  • Resting a lot

  • no bugs in my stool test done by an integrative doctor.

    i am starting to be able to digest more food than i have for the past 6 weeks. my clothes are hanging off me, but i will not weigh myself. I have to literally starve to lose any weight, which is not normal.

    Thanks for all your kindness.

  • you git really ill because of detoxing. i will write a post up about it today.

  • Dear Kerry,

    Sorry you're feeling unwell. I get the same symptoms every morning and have similar bloods. I suffer from hashimoto and hypothyroidism but my problems comes up from chronic sinus infection, which has been detected by an mri scan. I use essential oils and steam inhaling to decongest my sinuses whilst I wait for my spot with an ear,nose and throat specialist.

    I was told that it is likely I suffer from an allergy, causing sinus inflammation but also a low overall inflammation in the body, hence the white cells being out of sync. Not sure this is what is happening for you but thought I should share my story, I suspect I've had the sinus inflammation since childhood but no one has ever picked it up before.

  • Hi Rosie, thanks for your reply! this does sound very similar. It is mostly when I wake up in the mornings. I also feel alot of flem in the back of my throat and my ears sometimes can't pop along with sneezing so you could well be right. I did see an ENT surgeon and he looked down throat but didn't see anything, though he was very rushed with his investigation and didn't have much time for me his attitude stunk! Maybe I should look into this too?

    Hope you are feeling better, what is the treatment for Chronic Sinus infections? x

  • Hope yours get sorted. My symptoms are mainly pressure on my face/ forehead but no headaches. I have had this all my life.

    The mri scan identified that my sinus lining/ mucus is a few times thicker than what it should be. I then realised that I cannot breathe at all through one if my nostrils as it is locked and hadn't even realised that, it is such a subtle thing...

    I have not yet started treatment as waiting to see specialist. But trying to unblock my sinuses meanwhile with inhalation a of essential oil/ steam.. I notice that it is clearing out v v slowly. Not sure what others recommend... But will update you once I see the specialist if you pm me so I don't forget.

    One way of finding out if you have inflammation in the sinus area is to gently press on the different parts on you face, forehead, esp around the nose and see if it hurts. Got me it does..

    Hope it all goes well!

  • I have exactly the same problem, I had an operation to clear my sinus about 1.5 years ago but unfortunately all the symptoms are coming back again and I keep getting sick and feeling fluey at least once a week, what has your dr. Advised you to do? I would like any advice of how to feel bettet.

  • Hello,

    I am sorry to hear that you are still suffering, despite having had the operation. I went to see a specialist and was not impressed. He prescribed some steroid-based cleaning product, which I did not want to use. I realised since then that my nose blocks up overnight, when I eat dairy or bread. I have since given up gluten and things have improved. I am still trying to find out what else I am sensitive too (so far I have gluten, dairy, dust, chemical smells including petrol etc).

    I believe this is also an illustration of the overall inflammation that my body was experiencing. Having Ayurveda treatment for that at the moment, which I think helps.

  • I went this route too with only partial relief. The first half of my life was literally one unending sinus infection. For me it improved with gluten free, and comes right back if I eat too much sugar.

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