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Latest results - Confused

Hi Everyone

I just wanted to discuss my latest results, I have Hashimoto's and since my diagnosis I've a long history of feeling jittery and anxious, in Dec I came off thyroxine for 5 months as recommended by my Endo to see if this helped (I'd also lost weight mainly through feeling miserable and lack of appetite).

Since coming of thyroxine I was still getting periods of feeling jittery/pounding heart and I also felt a bit sluggish, and by April my TSH rose to 5.6,  T4 was 14.7 and T3 3.9. Endo suggested I go back on 25mcgs. For the first week I noticed I was putting on a bit of weight (better appetite) and more energy, but for the past 3 weeks bowels a bit sluggish and periods of terrible fatigue but also still getting pounding heart occasionally.  I've also developed strange flat swellings over my brows, and part of my forehead, doesn't look like fluid, more like fat, So it looks like I have slightly swollen brows hanging over my eyes.

Because I felt ill I had my bloods done after only a month back on the thyroxine and the levels are: TSH 2.94 (0.30-4.2) FT4 13.5 (12-22) FT3 3.5 (3.1-6.8).

The Endo has recommended I increase to 25/50mcgs, 

I don't understand why my T3 and T4 are lower after taking the thyroxine and why the TSH isn't higher? 

Thank you for your help everyone.


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Might be a good idea to get up to date check B12, vitamin D, folate and ferratin as well as TPO Ab and TG Ab antibodies

If you can persuade GP to do these, or if can you afford to, get full tests done privately

 thyroid plus eleven test via Blue Horizon blood tests at home


Dear SlowDragon

Thanks for your reply, I think my vit D and B12 are ok but I haven't had the others or my antibodies checked for a few years so I could do with an update. Although the Endo said there was no point in testing the antibodies as we know they are positive, but I've had what feels like a very swollen thyroid on my right side and a few new lumps have appeared so I think the Hashimoto's has been active lately. 

Thanks again



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