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Autoimmune diseases

Since being diagnosed with Hypothyroidism 6 weeks ago, I'm also being tested for various other things as my eGFR kidney function was well under the expected too. Just had another blood test and my GFR remains in kidney disease stage 3 band. Blood pressure and cholesterol fine, and not diabetic. Done a bit of research and it seems to be linked to Immune system and something called lupus perhaps - does anyone else have this and can tell me more about it?   

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Hi lemonem,

I know a little about lupus as my mother had it but I'm definitely no expert. If you cluck on my communities above and then browse communities you will see lupus uk forum. Just cluck on follow and you've joined! All the information you need is on there. :-)


I am wondering if you have been Hypo for a longer time than the diagnosis.  Low thyroid hormones - especially T3 - can affect the kidneys.


So do you have Hashimotos - auto-immune thyroditis ?  Did they test your thyroid anti-bodies ?

In Eastern Medicine - the kidney and the thyroid are on the same Meridian or line of Energy within the body .....


That was interesting about the Meridians, Marz.  I've had a problem with both, hmmmmmmm.

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Hi Heloise - the nodes on my kidneys match the ones on my thyroid !  I do like symmetry :-)  Wish I could remember where I read it - no doubt Dr Google could find it .....


Chronic Kidney Disease is a condition of itself I believe but also strongly linked for some, with Lupus. I don't have CKD but I do have a very Lupus like type of Rheumatoid Arthritis, which is part of the same rheumatic family. Do you have facial rashes or rashes elsewhere and some joint pain at all? 

The main thing is to ask for a referral to a rheumatologist. They may take a biopsy from your kidney and can tell from this biopsy sample whether your CKD is due to Lupus/ SLE or not. 

If so then hypothyroidism and Lupus go closely together because both can be part of a person's autoimmune profile. They can test you for autoantibodies to see if you do have a connective tissue disease/ diseases and there are immunesuppresiive treatments that will help with your CKD too if it's caused by Lupus/ connective tissue disease. Your thyroid disease will still need specific thyroid meds though to replace the thyroxine your overactive immune system is preventing your body from making for itself. 

Sorry you are going through all this - it must be very difficult/ traumatic  - best of luck with everything and, if you haven't already done so, please join the Lupus UK HealthUnlocked community where you will get lots of supportive and helpful responses I'm sure. Twitchy 


you need to know that being hypo and/or not properly treated,  affects the GFR..it would be reversible with proper thyroid treatment, which is actually not easy to get.  Many self treat out of desperation.


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