Hashimoto's flare up and what can I do? Do I increase T3 or do I just increase vitamins? Please help!

I have had alot of stress in the last 2 weeks. Unfortunately, I ate alot of dairy and I had a beer that wasn't gluten free. :( The beer was last Sat the 30th of April. And BAM, ever since I have been having a huge flare up!

We are talking about a 6 kg weight gain and Franknstein ankles! I am trying to take all the extra vitamins like D, Bs, Tumeric, Selenium 400mg etc. But, it seems like the days are passing and nothing is going back to normal. Should I increase my T3? I am at 225mg. This amount had been working...but now I am at a lost with the weight gain and huge water retention????


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  • Enfrance,

    Have you had throid tests to check you aren't overmedicated which can cause weight gain and swelling?

  • Clutter. No, I haven't. I should check this. I just know I am at the higher end range of the T3. I thought this too could be a possibility...but it seems it was worse when I took a couple pills away.

    I can get back to you on where I was on the last blood test..I just have to get it out.

  • Just found the results. I had my last blood test the 29th of Feb. 2016.

    Free T3 3.87 range 2.5 a 3.9 

    TSH .038 range .40 a 3.50

    Anti TPO 645

    Mercury <5nmol CURED

  • Enfrance,

    FT3 is in range so you're not overmedicated even though 225mcg is a very hefty dose. 

  • Except I just checked my calendar and on March 17th is when I increased to 9 pills at 225mcg or after the blood test. I will check my thyroid panel again this month.

    But, I wonder if you have a valid point? I did attempt 10 pills but I noted I would go back to 9 pills on April 15th as I wrote I was a bit shakey and swollen.

    What if you are right? Maybe I should wait 1 day or 2 before I take any T3 and see if the swelling improves? Or how does one work back down in case?

  • Enfrance,

    If you're swollen because you're overmedicated skipping one or two doses isn't going to do it.  You'll need to reduce dose and let FT3 level drop which is likely to take a few weeks if it is very much over range.

  • I understand. I would like to try then. So I figure I was at 8 pills at the time of the last thyroid panel. So shall I just drop down to 8?

  • How were you feeling at 8 pills? Why did you try increasing?

  • Hello there, Greygoose. I started increasing because I still had the hobbit feet and some bloating. Also, I still had some wiggle room on my free t3 range so I thought the increases would help. Also, my body temperature never really changed and I never felt really any different until up to 10 pills. Then, I felt off so I went back to my 9 pills which seemed at the time to be right. However, then the last 2 weeks, hobbit feet have turned into Frankenfeet unfortunately. ¨(

  • Well, perhaps a whole tablet was too much of an increase. Why not cut them in half and try that? Sometimes all it takes is a tiny little tweak.

    However, I can't help feeling that it's more likely to be the non-GF beer. I've heard people suffer horrendously when they unexpectedly hit gluten. It just takes time to get over it.

    As for the... ankles... I'm not sure Frankenstein - or his monster - had swollen ankles, but I take it you just mean horrific. lol  How long have you had swollen feet/ankles? Have they never gone down at all?

    Because I have this theory - and it is only a theory, but sort of backed up by experience - that when they've been swollen for a long time, just improving T3 levels isn't enough. They might need a little... kick up the behind! Would it be possible to procure some diuretics? Just a short course to - and here I'm going to use a term I absolutely loath, but that's just proof of my devotion to your cause! - kick-start the loss of water from your mucin, or whatever it is.

    I know this won't get to the root of the problem, but, as long as you're not taking HC, or some other medication that causes water-retention, they might just get you going. Just a short course, mind, they're not something to take long-term! It's just an if-all-else-fails type of solution - possible solution.

    But, feel free to ignore me if this idea doesn't please. lol   

  • Exactly Greygoose, when water is already in it just won't go away until you take diuretics, no matter how much of T3 you take, this is exactly how it is with me so your theory is right.

  • Greygoose- Actually the mystery is...the horrific yes, ankles disappeared completely...but now that they are back they just haven´t gone away over night like normal. This is why I figured I was having a flare up...bloody beer!

    The swollen ankles have come and gone, but as of recent...1 weekish now.

    I hate the thought of diurectics..but as you say they might just do the trick. At least, I could try it...but I wouldn´t want to do it long term by any means.

    Maybe just to have until I figure out my precise dose.


    Never...would I ignore Greygoose! You have been vital and continue to be for my education on all of this!

    I will ask about the diurectics when I ask for my thyroid panel at the end of the month.

    I will go down to 8 pills and wait it out for 2 weeks to see what happens.

    All I know, is that my lowest weight was a 64 kilos and it jumped up to 70!!

    Despite this minor setback, T3 has radically changed me for the better!!!

    I will update my photo now....

  • Well, that's good to hear, anyway. :)

    I suppose you Don't happen to remember what dose you were on when the swelling on the ankles disappeared, do you?

  • I think 9 pills.

  • Then, if I were you, I'd go back to 8  and a half, stay on it for a while, and then get tested. See how you feel, and what your labs are, and work from there - but with smaller increases. :)

  • And stay off the cheese and beer! lol

  • Thanks for the humor!! I will definitely stay clear of the Gluten Free beer and try and keep my cheese consumption to a minimum. You know its hard to escape the cheese in France!!!

  • I manage it quite well. I rarely buy it. lol

  • Update. So my ankles came back to me after 12 days!!!! Definitely, I am thinking it was the beer! I think both the gluten, grains and possibly carbs or the combination of all sets my body on fire. I have played a little with the cheese. I think its the Mascarpone that is hard on my body or if I just have too much cheese in general.

    I actually went down to 8 pills as it was last documented that I was in range in the last thyroid panel.

    The ankles are normal now, but I have a rather large tummy bloat, low energy and my weight gain is still the same or up.

    I think, my body has calmed down now, and I have some wiggle room to try and go up.

    It will be one week this Saturday. Should I increase to 8 1/2 pills this Saturday? If so, how long should I hold at 8 1/2 pills before I do my blood work to check the progress? Maybe 4 total weeks?

  • If I were you, I would go up to 8 1/4. Take it really, really easy, so that you Don't miss your sweet spot. :)

  • Greygoose-OK will do. Any thoughts on how long I should stay at 81/4 pill? Say give it 1-2 weeks and then go to 81/2 and maybe test end June?

  • Well, see how you feel on 8 1/4 first. You might not need to go up to 8 1/2.

  • The question is how long should one wait before increasing? I think I will need to increase as I have a 4 mth pregnancy bump in the evenings!! I am very bloated and weight still up. Does one wait 1 week or 2 weeks or just by how one feels???

  • Well, I would give it at least two weeks, if not more.

  • Hi, talking about water pills, my mother was on diuretics over 30 years how bad is that. Her kidneys would ache. She had to take them because she had very swollen ankles and legs , tree trunks. She had , 8 children didn't help. She was so lovely but suffered terrible, but wouldn't let nothing get her down. She later became diabetic at 81 . So between excessive peeing and water tablets it was ridiculous. Anyway, I found out from her doctor she had slow heart failure.  So that's why her ankles and legs were swollen so badly. She dropped dead in her kitchen of a heart attack at 83, her diabetes was never treated. I would never just endure ill health like my poor mum, I do everything in my power to keep my health. Power to the internet. Dr Google. 

  • Yes, but you're from a different generation. I'm pretty sure my mum had Hashi's, too, but was never diagnosed because she wouldn't go to the doctors. Different way of thinking.

    But it's scandalous that her diabètes wasn't treated once diagnosed!

    Yes, I realise water pills are used for people with heart conditions. But I'm sure Enfrance has had her heart checked. And she's only a slip of a girl! lol But I'm sure now you've mentioned that, she'll go and get her heart tested again. Won't you, Enfrance??? :D 

  • Yes G,Goose, any gluten or g/f bread I put weight on overnight.

  • I take 112.5 mcg of T3 and my TSH is on 0.01, I feel perfectly healthy but I still have mucin and water retention (swollen legs as well). I am on diuretics every few days and when I take them I am slim the next day and then circle goes all over again. I realized that taking more of T3 is not going to solve this. I went up to 150 mcg and all I got from this is headaches and feeling like I am burning from high temperature. I also started losing hair on too much T3 so I went back to my usual dose. Many people still struggle with mucin and water retention although they are optimally medicated. I also have insulin resistance for which I was taking Metformin until recently and now I am on Berberine but this is not helping in this department either. Just started with NAC few days ago, so far no change but it is still early. Just wanted to say that somehow this problem with mucin and bloating is having it's own life and it's not like in the books where they say that it should disappear when you are on the right treatment or dose. There is something more to it otherwise there wouldn't be so many people still dealing with that problem although they are fine in all other aspects. I also tried eliminating all sorts of foods and realized this is not from that either. This is something still unknown to medical science and I am struggling to find the answer to this for 7 years.

  • Totally agree with you, miriamm. It is a mystery.

     I have Hashi's, had it most of my life, I do believe. And there were periods in my life when suddenly, I would start to lose weight, and all the swelling would go, and I had tons of energy!

     I now know that these were Hashi's swings. But, the strange thing was, I had such beautiful legs during those all-too rare periods. People would comment on them. Such a change for pudgey old me. lol

    But, I agree, taking high doses of T3 does not have the same effect. Not for me, anyway. But, we're all different. :)  

  • I can't believe how high of a dose you take. I know we're all different but wow. Maybe the pills aren't very strong?

    Also to say I am g free and went dairy free after spending too much money on lactose free milk for years, thought I'd just cut all dairy. Anyway I went and had some lactose free milk on g free cereal and had the worst reaction within 24 hours I was all puffed up and fine red rash on face. Joint pain. So no way I'll do dairy. But what I'm saying, perhaps you had bad reaction because you were so detoxed, so reacted worse ,  Just maybe. Probably the t3, like clutter says. 

    I take t3 only since December 20015. It's Boss.😊 heaven.

    Really hope you feel better soon.

  • Elizzajoe- Thanks for the message. I definitely agree with you. Once you avoid problematic foods and then go back to them...unfortunately, they bite back.

    I know my T3 has gotten up there, but it has been a slow, meticulous process...and I have felt much better on the T3. I just have to find my ideal dosage and its hard knowing when the dosage is unique for you. :(

  • Actually, I was taking Tiromel and now I am taking UniPharma. UniPharma for me is stronger. I could and can feel the difference. Also. believe it or not, I had to take more Tiromel to come closer to  the UniPharma dosage. Previously, when I had my thyroid panel checked and I was on Natur-thyroid (T4 plus T3)? I actually had no T3 according to my thyroid panel at a fairly high dosage 100ish, I believe. I also had a very high RT3 which meant I was not converting. This is when I knew I REALLY needed T3!!

    Some individuals are more sensitive than others to T3. I guess, in my case..since I had very little T3 despite taken it through the Naturthroid...this is why I apparently can take higher dosages of T3 and I feel fine. In fact, my overall appearance changed radically once I started the T3 only. The very positive results were noticable after only 2 months!

  • Yes, I understand what you're saying. I was on 21/2 grains of nature throid and according to  perrigo the brand of t3 I take, 25 mcg  of  there t3 = 1 grain of ndt. I am on 65 mcg of t3 now. Perrigo is just about affordable for me and gluten free. I'm hesitant to try another cheaper brand as I don't want to rock the boat. After great advice here,  i  dose once a day now. Made a huge difference. 

  • Greek Uni Pharma is also gluten free and I think few other brands as well.

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