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Do I have Subclinical Hypothyroidism or Hashimoto's Thyroiditis or am I just a hypochondriac?!

Throughout my teens I was very thin, ate a lot but never gained weight. Then at 19 I gradually gained a stone over about 18 months and then another stone over another year or so. Last summer I weighed a little over 10 stone, now a year on I weigh over 12 stone, am completely exaughsted and literally feel like my body is slowing down.

My family and i always thought I would end up with an over active thyroid since I was so slim, i had regular Thyroid Function tests which were consistantly 'normal'. In 2012 I was tested for anti bodies which came back positive at 285. I recently requested my test results for the past 11 years and all they could find were 2 tests and i know for a fact I have had at least 10 done over the years.

My Mum, both my full brothers, my Nan on my fathers side, 3 uncles on my mothers side and 2 cousins on my fathers side have either under or over active thyroids.

My T4 levels are 12, my TSH is 1.7 and my T3 I forget but it was normal.

I serioulsy feel like I am banging my head against a brick wall with the docs they just keep telling me to diet and exercise more.

I have taken my Basal Body Temp which averages at 35.8C

I know it's my thyorid but the docs just won't listen, it's really getting to me now I have been trying to get them to listen for almost a year, I have had to quit my studies because i just can't concentrate and take a part time job because I don't have the energy to work full time.

Does anyone think I might be right or am I just going crazy :(

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I don't think you are a hypochondriac at all, if anything I felt like I was reading a story about myself!

What's the reference range for T4? If it's like mine then your T4 is at the bottom part of the range which is not really where you want to be!

With the help of the Pulse article I received from Louise from ThyroidUk (she's on here so hopefully will pop up soon), I managed to convince my doctor to give me a trial as my TSH was borderline and my T4 level was dropping with each blood test and I tested positive for antibodies. I started on 25mg and now take 125mg, which has helped most symptoms, but losing weight is still tough.

Sorry if I haven't explained that well/fully, hopefully someone who is a little more articulate will come along later!

Don't lose hope, it took me a good few years to get medicated, but with the right information (and the right doctor who is willing to listen), I'm sure you'll get the help you need xx

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Nice to know I'm not going mad haha! The range is 10-22 so at the lower end of the scale but the docs given some spill about not being able to trial me on thyroxine as it would be unlicenced if I am not below the reference range. I'm seriously considering paying to go private then maybe they might look into more rather than ticking boxes on a screen!! Thank you for your reply xx


It sounds as if you have Hashimotos. Click onto my name - and then Posts - and look for the article about Hahsimotos. Am sure it will help you talk to your Doc with some knowledge. May even teach him a thing or two !! It was only yesterday or the day before !


Thank you will have to have a read through!! x


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