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Just found out I'm expecting and still no hypo diagnosis

So I wrote a couple weeks ago that I went to a dr for blood work because I'm always feeling tired and pretty much have the whole list of hypo symptoms. My tsh came back 3.31 and vit d was 17. Dr said I was fine and refused more tests even though I know over 3.0 is hypo. Well just last week I discovered I'm pregnant and I won't have an appt until the end of next week. All I'm reading says pregnant women's tsh levels should be lower than 2.5 in the first trimester. I'm praying that this will finally get me treatment if my dr recognizes my levels are higher than the standard. Does anyone have experience with this?  Are Drs more likely to treat when pregnant than when not due to the tsh level standards?

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There are guidelines for treating you when expecting.... Its really important that you have adequate thyroid available in the first three months..... Here is a link the the thyroid uk website which lists where you can find the guidelines.....


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This is the interpretation from I hope it doesn't make you more worried but send a copy to your GP and query your blood test particularly as you are pregnant.




NICE recommend the TSH of pregnant women should be in the low-normal range 0.4-2.0.

Contact your duty doctor and refer him/her to the NICE link and request a prescription for 50mcg Levothyroxine.

Your vitD is deficient and your GP should prescribe vitamin D.  If s/he won't, buy 5,000iu D3 and supplement as the foetus also needs D3.  If you are prescribed Levothyroxine it should be taken 4 hours away from D3.


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