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update so far

I saw an Endo today .Hes new .Think he wondered why my GP had sent me I told him I had requested to see him . He was very nice seemed a bit wet behind the ears but listened and said although all my tests looked normal !!!!!! He would send me for further blood tests free t4 free t3 he said my antibodies had been done they were up but he wasnt worried .I said shouldnt I be fasting for blood test he said it didnt matter .Well it went better than I thought it would go .In his opinion it probably wasnt causing my memory problems and I am on the correct dosage of 75 mg Thyroxine.

I told him I put myself on B12 and he said why .He said dont suppose They will harm you .

can you tell me if having antibodies up is something I should be concerned about .

I told him if necessary I would get a full blood test done my self .I could nt get one done in time for my appointment so had to have the one from nhs today .

He said if Iam concerned by the numbers Ill ring you then we ll discuss what to do 

He said I could even be over medicated. 

I mentioned Thyroid UK had given me advice and You should have a look ha ha .

Thankyou for Your help .Marg x.

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So, what were the results? Or hasn't he got them yet? If he hasn't got them yet, how does he know you're on the right dose? I think he's wrong about low thyroid not causing memory problems.

And I'm afraid he's wrong about fasting, it will make a difference to your TSH - and as that's all they look at... What time was the test done? Because the later in the day, the lower the TSH. But that's another thing they seem to know nothing about.  

B12 is another thing they know nothing about. No, taking B12 won't do you any harm, but low B12 will do a lot of harm. They really are pathetic!


Yes I agree. Bloods were taken at 230pm. and I did say wouldnt it be better to have them done in the morning. Hes going on the my last bloods which was just the nhs standard test. unless he hasnt even got the last test . He said my bloods have been tested frequently for thyroid results.My Rhumatoid bloods are taken monthly but thyroid has not been done before My visits last month for about a year .I said its very rare for my Gp to ask about my Thyroid medication its rare to get your blood pressure checked even though ive been on medication for years. 

I shall wait till next week and go in to the surgery and see if I can get a printout .

Thanks for your reply . 


OK so your TSH is going to be pretty low, and he's not going to know why. Sounds like a bit of a dead loss to me. He doesn't know much about anything, and seems to be just making it up as he goes along. So, be on your guard! They might want to lower your dose on the basis of this skewed test! But, in future, you know, you can just refuse to have them done, and say you will have them done another day, early in the morning, when you haven't eaten and haven't taken your hormone. It's your right to say no, they can't force you.  


Thanks for your help. I did realise at the time it was the wrong time to take the test. The problem is I live abou 5 miles from the hospital and each time i go up there it costs to park .You can only use the blood form at the hospital they wont accept a hosp form at your local blood clinic So that means trying to get my gp to give me a form, been there done that bla bla . I ll probably have to go private in the end but it looks like that endo is probably going to send me back to gp anyway . I dont give up easily but it looks like the nhs has you stuffed up like a kipper . He thinks I am a nutter I can tell, he was very nice but reading between the lines he wondered why I was there .

Iam  Thinking of exploring gluten next as it something I can control myself I ve already been on a sugar free diet since January its been tough and I ve lost some weight but its sticking now . I have cut my bread right down as well but there so many more things with gluten in . Time to explore everything . Thankyou marg 


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