Dallas Buyers Club - a straw poll

Dallas Buyers Club - a straw poll

I refer to the film starring Matthew Mcconaughey, synopsis on line, no doubt.

Admin, this is purely theoretical and for our amusement and enllightenment - hand on heart.

If there were such a club for our medication how many would be in ? Unfortunately, I have to put my hand up and say I couldn't tempt said  Matthew Mcconaughey to help us, nor do I have the contacts or even the buckaroo skills.  Play a mean game of poker, tho :)

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  • I suspect it would send a few endos mad with rage and there would be fuming in the press and probably a lawsuit or two but in theory I would definitely join (even without MM although that would provide an even greater incentive)

  • You can count me in on that one, I'm a sucker for long hair never having been able to get mine past my shoulders ;)

  • I would join  just to talk to mathew 😙

  • Hehe, I unwittingly watched the film the day I first started my own self-bought, NDT and was still feeling nervous about it. A bit close to the bone for me ;) 

    The situation is almost exactly like ours, though. If it becomes less possible to mail order NDT and T3 in the future we might need such clubs. 

  • This occurred  to me too when I first watched   it .  😕

  • I'd definitely join.  Perhaps we could get some real Thyroid suffering stars to help us out.  Perhaps Poker could help fund this club Rapunzel (tongue in cheek).

  • Just had a 'Flash forward' moment if mail order ended and I had a vision of 'our club ' all going to Thailand for our hols....

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