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Poll suggestion

Can we have a poll asking how much medication people are on and if they are well / unwell? i.e.

levothyroxine 50mcg - feeling well liothyronine 50mcg - feeling well

levothyroxine 50mcg - feeling unwell liothyronine 50mcg - feeling unwell

I would be interested to know how much is the lowest/average/highest amount taken for people to feel well, and also if I am currently taking more than most, it might suggest something else is going on in my system. I know we are all different, but I would still be interested to know.

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There are a limited number of options on the polls and so many different combinations that different people take. I've been on about a dozen myself, lol! I don't know how possible that would be.

Perhaps there is some way that a series of polls could be done, certainly for the monotherapies.

In the meantime, it would make an interesting discussion on a question if you would like to post one. I'd certainly be interested in hearing the range of combinations and dosages people are taking :)

Carolyn x


Hi charliecooper

Levothyroxine 125mgs - some days ok, others brain fog, zombie like! never feel 100%


That sounds like me! Why do we go up and down like that :0/


Liothyronine 60 mcg gradually improving I hope but still odd days of aches and low stamina


levothyroxine 50mcg - feeling unwell


125mcg thyroxine plus 20mcg liothyronine. Feeling well


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