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Levothyroxine increase. Help!

Hello All,

I'm hoping for some advice. I have recently had my dose increased, I have borderline Hypothyroidism. To give you an idea, this is an record of my blood test results:

09.11.2015      Serum TSH level 10.30 mu/l

                          Serum free T4 level 12 pmol/l   Placed on 50mg Levothyroxine

14.01.2016      Serum TSH level 5.07 mu/l

                          Serum free T4 level 12 pmol/l    Place on 75mg Levothyroxine  

29.02.2016       Serum TSH level 0.37 mu/l 

                          Serum free T4 level 18 pmol/l

                          Serum free T3 level  5.9 pmol/l

Placed on 75mg one day,50mg next day

11.04.2016      Serum TSH level 9.01 mu/l

                         Serum free T4 level 13 pmol/l

                         Serum free T3 Level 4.2 pmol/l

I was then advised to try 75mg one day, 75mg the next day, then 50mg the m=next. I was quite distressed on these results so got a second opinion from another GP from my surgery. He advised that from experience most people feel better on a higher dose and put me on 100mg a day and another blood test in 4 weeks.

I think I am starting to feel side effects from the dose increase, slight chest pains, a bit shaky and quite anxious. I am also feeling really tired and have had difficulty concentrating. Since my diagnoses in November last year I have carried on working full time (I'm an Accountant) despite feeling really depressed  and anxious alot of the time. My boss has been really supportive but some of my colleagues has ve been less understanding with comments like 'Its quite common' and I feel I'm starting to be left out. I also feel quite sick each morning. I feel like its been six months and Im no better off. Some days I wonder if I will ever feel better. 

Do I wait another two weeks for my next blood test or seek medical advice stright way? thank you in advance for any advice.   

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I think your results wer better on the 75 a day providing the result for FT3 was in range-please post ranges as well if giving results as labs differ.  If you are slightly over then you will need to juggle a bit to get the dose that suits you best. When I was on Levo I found I needed to alternate every other day but then I would get up on a morning and not remember whether I was taking a 100 or 125 that day so I tried changing to 100 and 125 on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and that worked reasonably well. I could have used a weekly pill dispenser if that hadn't worked out but it can take a while to get it spot on! 

It doesn't matter if your FR4 is slightly elevated but your FR3 must be in range. 


I do not believe anyone can be 'borderline' you're either hypo or not!


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