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Endo at RIE

My Gp referred me to see an Endo as I seem to have problems converting T4 to T3 and specified a consultant. Just had a letter with an appointment, different hospital, not my choice but also to a consultant who, when I checked, seem to be a specialist for diabetes which I haven't got. Has anybody in Edinburgh any experience with Dr. Gibb ? I live in hope that my apprehension is ill founded but I feel yet again that the patient is not listened to. Are we not supposed to be able to see a consultant of our choice? I would have preferred to wait longer but the Outpatient department obviously wanted to keep the appointment within the 12 weeks max. waiting time. Does anyone know him?

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I am unable to help with any feedback about Dr Gibb, but have you asked Louise Warville for a copy of the recommended list of Endo's?

If you don't receive any replies about Dr Gibb and, as you asked for a particular Endo, I would go back to the GP and ask to be re-referred to the Endo of your choice.


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