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First appt with endo doctor... questions (long post)


About 8 weeks ago I had blood tests due to feeling sick all the time and having extreme hot flushes. I got tested for all kinds including Thyroid functions. After ringing the doctors and being told that my bloods were fine, I received a letter in the post to make a non urgent appointment regarding my blood test results.

I went for my appointment and my GP talked me through my blood tests and then told me that my thyroid tests came back as slightly high. Had a feel of my neck and asked me if I had any symptoms. He told me that sometimes there can just be in infection in my thyroid and it can go (or I could be pregnant - which I'm not) So I had more bloods done and made an appointment for 2 weeks.

My GP appointment was yesterday. He explained that they was still high but that my bloods were a little to close together. However because I'm symptomatic referred me to an endo doctor in my local hospital (where I also work) as I'm only 25 I asked if there was a chance my fertility could be affected, he said it can and some medications can also affect it along with test they perform on you. Me and my partner are planning on trying in about 6 months time. He said I'll write this in your referral and also mention to the endo doctor that you will be trying to get pregnant soon.

The next available appointment was 2 months away so because I work in the hospital he asked to try get it brought forward, luckily enough for me there was a cancellation the same day and I was seen by the endo doctor.

He never really explained much, just asked me a few question (family history, past ops etc)

He again felt my neck, said he didn't think it was an infection as I had no swelling and wasn't going to give me any medication as I'm not massively high.

I've been referred to have a scan on my thyroid and go for more bloods in 2 weeks.

Today I've woke up with swollen glands and a sore throat, also feeling so sick. My sickness is getting worse. I don't know if this could be linked or just coincidental as I seem to always be getting sick lately.

Suppose my questions are how bad can it get?

Can it be controlled?

Do everyone's eyes bulge eventually?

Can it go?

Is an overactive thyroid very serious?

Can it really affect fertility?

I know I should of probably asked these questions with the consultant but it was all a rush and he didn't seem too friendly...luckily when I go back for my follow up I'll be with another consultant.

Sorry for such a long post just wanted to explain my recent process in case anyone has a similar situation or can advise me on anything?

Thanks in advance.

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If you have an overactive thyroid it should be treated

however my personal opinion is Carbimazole + pregnancy should not go together and very very careful thought should now be given to the genetic risk that thyroid problems convey to children

My husband started with Graves Hyperthyroid and we have 1 daughter and 4 out of 6 grandchildren all severely affected by Hashimotos HypoThyroid

I know what our decision would have been if we had the advantage of the internet over 40yrs ago


Thanks for your reply.

I thought so myself as I don't want it to get any worse and then be harder to bring back down. I'll wait for my thyroid scan and see what happens.

Graves is an eye condition isnt it?

I'm trying to understand all of this as I'm new to it.



You say your results are slightly "high" - I would assume your GP is talking about a High TSH - this means you would be hypo (under active) not hyper which is Overactive.

Next time you visit GP ask for your blood test results and for more of an explanation - you are also entitled to have a printed copy of your own blood test and you can then understand a bit more, also can post blood test figures (and ranges) on here for advice.

There is some research going on suggesting TSH should be low (below 2? ...but not sure. Others on this forum will no doubt know more) there seems to be evidence that low TSH might improve fertility and reduce risk of miscarriage

90% approx of hypo is caused by an auto immune condition - called Hashimoto's. This occurs when your own body decides to attack your own thyroid.

This is tested for by doing a different blood test to look at thyroid anti-body levels. You can have a "normal" or mildly raised TSH and very high anti-bodies. (This was me - I was fortunate my GP just happened to have an interest in thyroid conditions, so he tested for anti-bodies - they were extremely high)

If GP just ask for test for TSH then they won't know if there is anti-body problem.

If GP is unhelpful, you can get full blood test done privately (recommend test is called "thyroid plus 10" through Blue Horizon)

See for more info on blood tests, symptoms etc etc



Thanks for your reply. I'm all new to this. He did say over active stating that it should be between a certain level but mine was a couple numbers over. I didn't really understand the blood tests he was talking about. The endo consultant also said it was over too. But not massively high to put me on any medication. I'm having a thyroid scan in the Nuclear Medicine department and getting more bloods done so I will ask for a better explanation of it all.

I don't really know much about it all.

I'll look into that blood test thanks.

Whats the severity of having problems with your thyroid? Can it be controlled?



Don't worry. Medication can control thyroid problems, though it can take a while to get the right medication, and the right level.

Personally, I would put attempts on pregnancy on hold till this is sorted out though, and I would also ask the endo if, especially because you want to have a baby soon, you could have a full blood test, (if you haven't already had one) which covers levels of nutrients like B12, iron, folate, vitamin D and iodine. Ask if serum ferritin could be included (this measures iron storage). (Also ask if they are measuring your thryoid antibodies - it is important if you are going into pregnancy to know if you have these.)

Conditions which reduce absorbtion of nutrients seem to go hand in hand with thyroid problems. Then once you have the results you will be able to take supplements to get your levels up to a nice healthy level before you get pregnant, to help you and the baby be healthy through the pregnancy.

It sounds as though you are receiving very good care, don't get worried, but do post here any queries you have.

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thanks for your advice. Yeah well we was thinking in about 6 months or so to start trying. I do need to start asking for copies of my blood results so I can understand.

I'm sure I'll get my head around the terminology soon enough.



Thyroid Eye Disease /problems can run hand in hand with both Hyper and Hypo thyroid

Graves Disease does normally include "popeye" eyes as part of the disease

Either way it is a serious auto immune disease with genetic consequences which you need to think seriously about

Surely there are Auto immune diseases in your parents or wider family ???????

Dyslexia or Endometriosis or RA or Lupus ????????????

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I have my scan to see exactly what is wrong in two weeks so I should know more info then.

Anxious for my scan though :(


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