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Gluten blood test

I was tested for gluten, the result was negative.  I have since heard that it should have been a fasting test it wasn't , also I had tried a gluten free diet and I felt much better. 

Before the test I went back on gluten for three .  Would that have been enough time.  The test did show that I needed to go on a dairy free diet, a further test showed I was intolerant to Lactose.  Anyone know if I should try for the gluten test again?

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Do you mean you had a celiac test? You do have to eat gluten for a few weeks for it to be accurate I think. Even then it's not foolproof. There is a better test out in Australia now which doesn't require eating gluten. I would just stay gluten free if you feel better that way. I'm hoping to get the better test eventually myself. 

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Look at the Cyrex Array testing which can be done by Regenerus Labs in the UK.  You can still be gluten intolerant without being a coeliac ....


Scroll down for coeliac testing :-)


Does this test require eating gluten for it to be accurate Marz?


Sorry I do not know as I have not had the test.  Maybe drop them an e-mail ......


Under FAQ's it does mention being on an inclusive diet ....  maybe there are other tests.  Didn't have time to read them all.


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