Which is the 'purest T3 '


I suffer from multiple chemical sensitivity - can only tolerate Wockhardt T4 -  and have had problems when trying NDT (NatureThroid and Erfa) and T 3 (Cynomel Mexican T3 and NHS Lio)  Initially I thought that I was unable to tolerate the T3 content but have since wondered whether the fillers/binders in the NDt/T3 could have been the trouble.

Would be grateful to hear others views/experiences on this and also, which T3 or NDt has the least fillers etc. please

I have Hashis

Thank you

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  • The purest NDT that I know of is WP - made by the makers of Nature Throid. See getrealthyroid.com/why-get-...

  • Daffers,

    All T3 has fillers.  I think you'll have to drill down to see which fillers in which brands cause you trouble.

    Tiromel excipients: lactose, polyvinylpyrrolidone, starch and magnesium stearate translated from this link kub.ilacprospektusu.com/ila...

    Uni-Pharma excipients: Lactose (lactose monohydrate, gelatine, starch maize), sodium starch glycolate, magnesium stearate, silicified talc (purified talc, colloidal silicon dioxide), egg yellow lake art 74675 (25mcg), and yellow lake No 6E110 (50mcg).

    Cytomel excipients: labeling.pfizer.com/ShowLab...

    Mercury Pharma excipients: thyroiduk.org.uk/tuk/treatm...

  • Thanks Clutter have started to drill down as you suggest.

  • I take thyrogold ( dr John Lowe) and this is the best I have felt in 20 years. You don't need a prescription as it is sold as a dietary aid and makes no claims of curing or treating thyroid disease . But it has all the hormonesT4 T3 T2 T1 . If you go to " thyrogold" there is a full list of ingredients , hope this helps Jay 

  • Thanks Jay it sounds most interesting and worth a go!  Will look at ingredients as you suggest 


  • Hi am having the same issues as you I am highly sensitive to all thyroid medication is have you been able to come up with a solution to your sensitivities

  • Hi

    I can only tolerate Wockhardt 25mcg as very little fillers etc.  in it. No am really struggling as my T3 is bit low and would benefit from a top up. May well try Thyrogold as Jay suggests above. Am also considering LDN to treat the Hashi's . Have you any ideas ? what really worries me is that it's not only chemicals in food and stuff, it's chemicals in other medications too which doesn't bode well

    ANY ideas ?


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