Allergic to T3

I was'nt sure if it was the T3 i had a reaction from, so, to be sure, i took half a pill, (not because i like to make myself ill) and now i know, im allergic to the fillers. its completely devastating to me. i take NDT and have no reaction to that (thank god) but wanted to try and take both since my metablism seems to have slowed back down. but, thats not an option. does anyone know of a brand of liothyronine without the same fillers as UP? thank you in advance

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  • arugala,

    Sorry - I don't know what UP means? (I don't want to take guesses and get it wrong!)

  • uni-pharma, (i dont want to get in trouble for using pharmacy names)

  • Manufacturer/brand names are necessary! But appreciate your caution. :-)

    Do you have any idea which ingredient(s) affect you?

    As far as I can remember, every make of liothyronine has at least some different ingredients. So my list of known products would include:

    Pfizer (formerly King) Cytomel

    Sanofi Cynomel

    Sanofi Deutschland (Henning) Thybon


    Abdi Ibrahim Tiromel

    Mylan liothyronine

    Perrigo (formerly Paddock) liothyronine

    Grossman Cynomel (if it returns to market)

    Kaiser liothyronine

  • i wish i knew, there are no list of fillers and i cant find one online, the order i reveived had no box with them, just packets of T3 in the blisters. im sure most people are ok with this brand, not me. im pretty greatful i didnt take a whole tablet, (and its only 25 mgs) i took a half, and im not as sick as the last two times. but i took antihistamine just to be safe. thank you for that list. much appreciated.

  • There is one right here on HU/TUK! :-)

    UNI-PHARMA T3 ingredients:

    Active ingredient: Liothyronine sodium


    a) Lactose (lactose monohydrate, gelatine, starch maize),

    b) sodium starch glycolate, magnesium stearate,

    c) silicified talc (purified talc, colloidal silicon dioxide),

    d) egg yellow lake art 74675 (25mcg), and

    d) yellow lake No 6E110 (50mcg).

    The above ingredients are taken from a leaflet enclosed with a box of Uni-Pharma T3 (manufactured 10.2014, it seems from "LOT 14 10"). Although the leaflet is largely in Greek, at point 1.2 of it, the English translation of the ingredients is helpfully given.

    In my book, EVERYONE who supplies any pharmaceutical product should supply the Patient Information Leaflet (or equivalent). In a real shop you can, sensibly, ask. Online it should be automatic. Maybe that is wishful thinking, but that is how I believe it should be.

  • wow, you are amazing, and thank you so much, but, im not one who is easily allergic to things, im dumbfounded as i look at the list, do you think if i gently wash the outside of tablet, it would make a difference? is there one of those ingredients that others are usually allergic to, i realize you may not know the answer to either of those questions, but then again, maybe you do, and if so, it would help. im definitely not lactose intolerant, dairy is an every day staple in my life. i am greatful just for the answers you have given me today, and even for reading my post and responding so quickly - ill do some research on my own, but like i said, ive never been allergic to anything before in my life. could it be just that batch?

  • Sorry - I have no useful answers.

    I doubt washing is at all viable.

    This site might be useful:

  • Years ago I was prescribed a blood pressure tablet called Zestril. I was very well in it, eventually I was changed to the generic lisinopril. I was very unwell. I spent ages comparing the ingredients - I wrote them all downside by side and crossed out ingredients they had in common - until I eventually came to two 'odd' ingredients that didn't match up with what was in the Zestril. Suppose they must have been some kind of filler. I spoke to my GP who put me back on Zestril.

    Could you do the same by comparing UP with a few others. It takes it of time but in my case it was worth it.

  • thank you so much for your help, but the sad realization is, i took almost all of the T3 pills out of the blisters and put them in a used pill prescription bottle, a bottle i grabbed from a friends house because i liked how big it was, and have no idea what was in it, the label was taken off, i thought i cleaned it, but what if i didnt? so now that list gets bigger. and i have this fear in the back of my head about the pharmaceutical companies being honest about what they put in anything. i never had to question that before i had a reaction, but they are greedy, its all about the money and really not about helping us, so, i am going to put that aside for now and try to think about what to do, im close to trying to have adderall prescribed being told it will give me some energy, i am so lost right now

  • i doubt it as well, i guess we get desperate and need a normal thinking person to talk back to reality. it was a thought

  • found this:


    Egg Yellow Lake Powder Colour


    A very fine golden yellow powder which creates an egg yellow colour when diluted as recommended. The colour of the concentrate may vary with age and raw materials.

    Function / Dosage:

    This product can be used as an ingredient to colour foods, cosmetics, or pharmaceuticals.

    Specific Gravity:

    Not applicable


    Powder colours (Tartrazine (102) CI 19140, Sunset Yellow (110) CI 15985). Dye content is 20-26% (w/w). Any colouring agent in this product is listed as GRAS by FDA and/or FEMA.

    It has tartrazine and sunset yellow - have you ever had any sensitivities to these?

    'Tartrazine often causes adverse reactions such as recurrent urticaria, angioedema, and asthma and is frequently implicated in behavioural problems (7). The most common symptoms linked with a tartrazine sensitivity are urticaria and asthma (10) but, like with any food or chemical, symptoms are very individual specific.'

  • no, ive never been allergic to anything in life except bee sting. i guess im fortunate to not be allergic to NDT, but then that would be like being allergic to my own body right? so, i guess for now, ill try upping that dose instead of taking both NDT and T3, at least thats the cheaper route. but, a part of me wants to try one more time before giving up.

  • NDT contains excipients, too. So, not entirely like your own body. Or, you could be allergic to pork, some people are.

  • Arugula, Maybe Tiromel would be okay? Tiromel excipients includes lactose, polyvinylpyrrolidone, starch and magnesium stearate translated from this link

  • hi clutter, and thank you,

    what is the "straight face" form of tablet they are talking about? it mentions instead of the milled white round it is a straight face tablet. that could be an option for me.

  • I have been using Thylexan for a couple of months, in addition to my prescribed levothyroxine. I take my regular levo at night, then if I feel during the day that I'm particularly sluggish, I take a 25mcg Thylexan. It certainly helps me get through a tough day. It comes in a small bottle, on which the fillers are not listed. Just thought I'd mention it, since I didn't see it on Hellvella's list above.

    Good luck


  • thank you, ill try anything, can you pm me where to buy it

  • wow, i found it pretty easily, and im buying myself a christmas present, thank you!!! ill keep you posted

  • I never remove pills packed in blister packs. I've got one of those weekly pill holders and I just trim round them in their blister and put that in the holder, they tale up slightly more space than the pill itself but they are not all that much larger.

    As Elena02 says they are in a blister packs to keep them in the best condition until you take them although I know some of the pills I've taken in the past, and that used to come in a bottle, are now dispensed in blister packs so those are probably the ones your pharmacist would say are OK to be taken out of their packs.

  • i honestly never gave it a second thought, i guess it could be anything, i had a scilla packet in with them, who knows, i am not usually stupid, i mean, maybe someone had a bee in the bottle for all i know, im allergic to bees, as stupid as it sounds. i really wish i hadnt done that, but thats what i did, so, yes, it could very well be anything

  • i didnt think twice about taking them out of the blisters, it wasnt until i got sick it even dawned on me, and looking at that pill bottle, im pretty sure it had amoxicillin in it, but my dilema is this, i could risk my body one more time and take one of the T3 still in the blister, but i am not that brave, so i guess ill never know and now am just greatful to not have died as a result. i do feel pretty stupid for removing them from their package but its something i do with a lot of meds and wont be doing anymore. i always thought packaging was just to save room or for counting or who knows, im not a pharmacist, and im glad you made me aware to not ever do it again. if i learned anything today, it would be that.

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