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Still searching for an answer to hypothyroidism after 17 years could NDT be it?

Like so many of you on this site I suffer with hypothyroidism. I was diagnosed 17 years ago by an endo 2 years after the birth of my 2nd child. I started on 125mg of Levothroxine and went up to 200mg over a three year period. Although my symptoms improved marginally, in my early 30's I had less energy than my 62 year old mum. I was prescribed liothronine ( T3) about 2 years after starting the levo. Eventually my endo rereferred me back for GP maintenance 8 years ago. She was not happy about me being on the liothronine ( which is much more costly than levo ) and took me off it within a year and she started reducing my levo. Long story short it has continued to go down hill and in 2015 after a year of monthly blood tests and messing with my levo levels I was a wreck. After reading endless information about NDT I decided to self prescribe as you guessed it my GP flatly refused to prescribe it. I have struggled to find a source Amour which I would prefer. I started taking Metavive II about 6 months ago and honestly don't feel any worse in actual fact I actually lost about 8lbs without trying initially and I took A thyroid support supplement, but I continue to be exhausted and the weight loss was short lived. So my plea is like so many others if you have a reliable source of porcine NDT on the Internet please PM me or on the forum. I would be so grateful. 


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Recommendations to Burdy via private messages only please.


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