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How long does it take for T3 (NDT) to be eliminated from the body?

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Hi all hope everyone is well on this glorious day? Don't think there will be many of us using our devices today.

How long does it take for T3, NDT form, to leave the body?

•Thyroidectomy 1992 onwards levo treatment.

•Since 2020 attempted a few trials of NDT.

•December 2020 thyroid results on 75mcg levo revealed I was undermedicated and my FT3 was low. (Low FT3 is nothing new)

•Delay is sorting thyroid issue: Got covid end of Dec

•Just before mid February I added small amounts of NDT, 1\2 of 30mcg Efra daily, split dose, adding it to 75mcg levo (combi - dose) with sole intent of raising FT3 level

•Combi -dosed for 2 weeks and 3 days then stopped NDT and carried on with the 75mcg of levo only, in preparation for annual GP blood test.

•Naively, I thought stopping the NDT 13 days prior to GP blood test, would be time enough to allow NDT, and thyroid blood results, of NHS definition, to reach a somewhat normal level. Whoops, GP now reduced my thyroxine. 75mcg/50mcg alternate days.

Can anyone please tell me how long does it take for NDT to fully leave the body? Does NDT store in the body? My reason for asking, is that my FT3 was 5.6. 2.5 - 6.5, (GP result) and for the past week (despite taking levo only)I have been feeling so well and fully functional. It's the best I have ever been since thyroidectomy.

Totally, put my much improved health, down to FT3 that is stored in my body due to short combi-trial. Given time my FT3 is going to drop them it's back too...hypothyroid status. I could start the combi- dose again but GP wants to do another blood test in two months. Wish I could tell my GP that I don't want him to monitor my thyroid health anymore.

It would be really great to receive some feedback on my post.

Sincere thanks in advance

11 Replies
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Some of us are here. :)

So I’m guessing your doctor erroneously slashed your dosage of levothyroxine on the basis of suppressed TSH? because your FT3 wasn’t over-range.

Knocking it down 37.5mcg daily was a bit over the top! What was your TSH result, do you know? Alas, taking any amount of T3, even the tiddly bit in 30mg of NDT, can make the TSH drop for quite some time—months rather than weeks, alas...

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Jazzw in reply to Jazzw

Oh wait, sorry—it was a 12.5mcg drop, wasn’t it? I thought I’d read that you were on 100mcg levo but it was 75mcg. Sorry for the confusion.

Still—I get your frustration, grrr.

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DizzyD in reply to Jazzw

Hey Jazzw great you are there!Yes my FT3 was nearly at top of range but my FT4 was out of range: 24.9. 8.0 - 21.0.

TSH 0.05. 0.4 - 4.5 I not worried about tsh level but GP is concerned.results state, I am over replaced.

GP did not know I was dosing with NDT along with levo a few weeks prior to thyroid blood test. Sneaky me! I just had to get my FT3 levels up.

GP has reduced levo by 25mcg every alternate day. Sorry if I did not state this clearly. Amount of NDT I was taking was 15mcg daily not 30mcg...sorry again.

Really appreciate your input. Have a rewarding day

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Jazzw in reply to DizzyD

It’s tricky though now isn’t it? Because now you know he’s going to overreact to your TSH.

I guess to make up for that reduction, you could up your NDT when you reintroduce it, maybe add another quarter grain a day. But the risk with that is that when he tests your bloods again, he’ll decide to drop your Levo dosage to 50mcg etc.

Alternatively—and this is a bit sneaky but it might work—after a month or so, you could tell him you’re not feeling so good and could you possibly have your Levo dosage restored to 75mcg because you felt good with it at that level and you know from reading around that your FT3 wasn’t overrange and therefore you weren't really overmedicated at all.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained... And you never know, it might benefit another hypothyroid patient in your GP’s practice if you can train this one up to not overreact to a low TSH. :)

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DizzyD in reply to Jazzw

Yes he is going to overeact to THS results in the future and sadly FT3/FT4 also. I was diagnosed with AFib October last year and he also concerned about arrhythmias. But I am not overly, concerned which is why I only dosed with tiny amounts of NDT along with levo. The amazing thing was my cholesterol went from 7.6 to 2.9 (normal) and pre-diabetes went from 45 to 4.0 (normal). It was the NDT that prompted the massive change. Just think in some cases GPs need only give T3 which could bring cholesterol and pre-diabetic levels down in some patients so preventing other health problems. The mind boggles. You have given me really good advice, opened my mind up to alternatives Jazz, much appreciated.

I going to keep it simple though...not going to get annual blood test which includes thyroid test through my GP anymore. Live in the solution not the problem hey.

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Jazzw in reply to DizzyD

It’s a bit rubbish that those are the lengths to which we have to resort—but I did the same some years ago. It worries me as I get older, how I’ll manage to keep obtaining my own thyroid meds etc once I’m really old and doddery :) but that’s a problem for the future. I’ll worry about that when it happens. :)

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It's not so much of how long it takes for NDT to leave the body but how long it takes for TSH to rise to a level that doesn't give your GP cause for concern. They don't usually see past TSH. It can take somewhere from weeks to months.

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DizzyD in reply to Greybeard

No my GP certainly does not see past my TSH levels. Not sure what you mean when you said it can take somewhere from weeks to months. Do you mean for TSH levels to get to a level that my GP is happy with? If so he is going to have a long wait because I intend to do combi -dosing again and this time I will let him know that I am doing. It's my FT3 that is of interest to me Not TSH.

Thank you Greybeard...have a brilliant day

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Greybeard in reply to DizzyD

Yes I was talking about the time it takes for TSH to recover. I'm having fun with my GP at the moment after they snook in a TFT on the back of another blood test. I'm on NDT, so I'm waiting to see if they shout or pout, fun and games.

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Gingernut44 in reply to Greybeard

I get around that sneaky business by asking the nurse what tests the Dr has ordered. If there is something you don’t want measured you can refuse. I did that the last time I had a blood test and the sneaky “B” had added TSH so I told the nurse that I had just taken my Levo so I didn’t want TSH measured. They really don’t know any better so she crossed it off 😊

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DizzyD in reply to Gingernut44

Ohh that's a brilliant Gingernut. Will certainly remember, and use your tactic in the future if I need to. Hey Ohh: I am being sneaky now. Priceless

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