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GP not prescribing T3 anymore please help!!

Hi everyone, Im new to this, I have been hypothyroid for 5 years after the birth of my daughter and just could not get stable on levothyroxine.  I paid to see a consultant privately and she suggested my GP start me on cytomel 0.5 twice daily in combination with 100mg T4.  This massively helped me and I literally felt normal again and bloods normalised.  I have been on it ever since and transferred over to the same consultant on the NHS. I saw the same consultant today who says that she no longer prescribes T3 and all of the consultants in Bristol have contacted the GPs to stop giving it with immediate effect.  They state there is not enough evidence to support it works and is not cost effective.  So I am I am pretty desperate as I cannot function on T4 alone, and generic liothyronine gives me terrible side effects.  Does anyone have any advice? Can it be bought on a private prescription and if so how any ideas how expensive is it?.  We are so concerned as I cannot work or function on T4 alone and so have serious worries about our future.

Many thanks.

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You would have to check with individual private doctors to see who will prescribe T3.  If they do, there's no reason why you shouldn't request and get Cytomel prescribed.  The pharmacy which dispenses your 10mcg Cytomel can tell you how much it costs.


Thank you for your response, I am very concerned about how much it will cost per month, do you know if Drs are still prescribing it on the NHS? Also do you know if you can you get it cheaper anywhere rather than a private referral?



T3 is still prescribed on NHS in other regions. 

It will usually be  cheaper to buy T3 online without a prescription.  Cytomel is the most expensive brand after Mercury Pharma. The Turkish and Greek T3 are the most affordable.


My GP cancelled my T3 prescription recently so I am now ordering T3 from Greece thanks to the link I got here. It's not expensive and it's easy to order.


You should make a formal complaint to the CCG.  Also, go and see your MP to enlist their support, you need to see them not write, they ignore letters.

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I agree jimh111 with you. It is disgraceful when it makes the patient well.



Just reading your post & you may want to read posts by juliat who is in a same situation

Good luck with your medication, so frustrating that patients have to fight for their medication.



Thank you very much have just PM!!!!


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