Doctors appointment after blue horizon results

Well I had my Doctors appointment last week after receiving my Blue Horizon results (which I previously posted on here). It went exactly as I predicted. His back was up immediately as soon as I mentioned private bloods. I had printed out a copy for him, also took a copy of Dr Tofts reports on Thyroid levels in certain patients, and printed off a few of the helpful comments and suggestions that I received from my lovely forum friends. His first reaction was "You don't expect me to read all that do you!" to which I replied no, not if you don't want, but I'm leaving a copy for my notes. He then advised he couldn't take seriously blood results from a company he had never heard about, especially when he realised they had never met me or didn't know any of my medical history. I said I had felt I had no other option regarding my frustration with feeling so crappy for so long, than to take my own action. He then softened slightly and said whilst he wouldn't take any action based on the Blue Horizon results, he wanted to re-run loads of bloods himself. He checked my B12 from August and it was about 300 back then, he would re-check everything. He did add though the labs might not agree to getting everything tested, to which I replied "that's why I went private in the first place", which he didn't answer. So I was booked in last Tuesday for a fasting bloods at 9am, so I had only water in the morning and non of my medication. I was told to make an appointment in 10 days to discuss the outcome. He did then add, we wont give up, we will get there.

I did receive a strange text from my doctors surgery yesterday though, advising I was due a full health blood check (never had one before) and also a follow up with the nurse was required as well as a urine sample?? Again never had this before. I called the surgery to advise i had just had full blood work done, about 7 vials were filled, the receptionist sounded as confused as i did, and she checked with Dr and said apparently there was one or two needed for the health check that were not done last week?, so I'm back in tomorrow morning for more bloods, nurse visit on week Friday and then I will make GP appointment. Oh and my blood pressure higher than it should be so he increased my BP medication too, oh happy days. I will post results when I receive them.

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  • Well done for your perseverance and thanks to GP for going full-out for other blood tests.

  • Shaws, sounds like you got a result! Email me today with your order details and we'll forward you through all the lab credentials. It's probably a good idea to do this start doing this with all of our requests to be honest. ☺ 

  • Was that reply meant for Shaws or me? lol

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