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My Story

I’m a 71 year old male in the USA. I was diagnosed with hashimotos about 8 years ago.  My TPO antibodies were 959 and TgAb were 845.  I was put on 2 grains of Nature-Throid by my Naturopathic doctor. He also gave me infusions of glutathione to reduce thyroid inflammation. I also started on LDN but subsequently quit taking it because I really didn’t understand how it worked.  My antibodies dropped to 287 TPO and 160 TgAb over the course of the next 7 years.  I felt pretty good.

Last year, another Naturopathic doctor insisted I switch to T4 (200 mcg) and T3 (25 mcg).  She was concerned that the antibodies would increase because they would recognize the NDT as thyroid tissue. I followed her advice for about a year.  I felt progressively worse and my antibodies increased to 339.4 TPO and 391.64 TgAb.  What is interesting is that my antibodies went DOWN on NDT and UP on T4/T3.

After joining this wonderfully informative group and learning more about both NDT and LDN, I started on NDT (1 grain), synthetic T3 (25 mcg) and LDN (I’m up to 2.5 mg nightly).  I’ve decided to try this approach before seeing my Naturopath again.

I’m the person who asked for an on line T3 source.  Thank you to the two people who responded. I’m grateful to all of your for stories and support.  I hope my story is helpful.

Thank you so much. 

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Your story is a caution that patients should avoid doctors who want to fix what ain't broke.  Your naturopath overmedicated you when she switched you from 2 grains NDT which is roughly equivalent to 150mcg Levothyroxine.  200mcg Levothyroxine plus 25mcg T3 is equivalent to 275mcg Levothyroxine.


You are so right!


i would not use ldn until you have had food sensitivities testing and heal your immune system by healing your gut.  Dr. Mark Hyman and Isabella Wentz, have wonderful websites.


Thanks Faith63.  I agree.  I've already done that.


that is surprising.  If your gut were healed and the offending foods removed,  you would should not have hashimoto's anymore..that is my point.

I chose to stop the ldn and find my root cause and heal that, because hashimoto's is only the tip of the iceberg, when it comes to the terrible other conditions that  we face, with poor immune systems and under constant inflammation, from our triggers.

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