Hi Iv had a lot of bloods done on Tuesday and results will come back bit by bit . So I can post them . Got one back today but stupid receptionist cudnt read what it was for but said the doctor had left me a prescription for sodium dihydrogen phosphate anhydrous effervescent tablets . Has anyone heard of tgese im worried what is wrong with me I have to take them and can't get an appointment until next week to speak to them x im really worried 

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  • It looks like your calcium levels have come back high.


    Try not to worry - it'll start to make sense when you get the rest of the results.

  • I know in getting in a state as I have to fight with them to tell me results . They are adamant they don't have time and o have to wait until my best app to discuss with doc ..I don't know anything about calcium levels thank u I suppose I was more interested in thyroid results to think of anything else being wrong x

  • It is lawful that we get copies of results:

  • Hi Andypandy30 , ask at your surgery to give you a registration number to register with online patient access. Then when you have registered ask your surgery to release all test results to your on line access (if they are not already on there). This way you always have access to your own test results as soon as they are released and you can share them and get a second opinion. Saves phone calls (my surgery is constantly engaged) and saves you 'begging' for what is rightfully yours and also being left in the dark about your own health and endless waiting for appointments and worrying    

  • Thank you pastille I diddnt know I could do this x

  • Well you can, it's your right, if they try to withhold them they are breaking the law. Saves you soo much stress. Plus, your health is too precious to take some ones word for it. Too many people act on their own opinions and prejudices, you can't take that chance  

  • They really don't like me at this surgery after one of the receptionists demanded to know what locum had printed my results last time . I asked him to leave them in reception in a sealed envelope with my name on it . This woman had the ignorance to rip my letter open . I could have her lose her job in the morning and she has no idea . If they would reassure me by giving me results over the phone I would have less stress as u say they are just making it very awkward . But when I asked the doctor prior to getting bloods done if I could have all previous bloods done and these recent ones . She said of course but they will not ask for me . They will put me through this stress of waiting until next week x

  • Is online patient access available in Wales?

  • Hi foxglove, I recall someone in this forum saying they had struggled to get it in Wales but I would still try if I were you  

  • Thank you shAws I have gone through this with them before . They said the only way I can get the test results is by making an appointment for next week and it is up to doctor to print these out . For me . She will do this as I asked her on Monday prior to getting bloods taken Tuesday . It's just reassurance as to why this prescription has been left for me as im getting more and more worried now . Id like to know exactly how high calcium was and compare from previous . So will ask for the bloods from previous times too . Do you know anything of the high calcium result shAws ?


    try this link, access to "coded"information (that includes blood tests) should be available as a 31 march 2016. 

    Needless to say i had a stand up row with receptionist over this, luckily a doctor walked through reception and gave them to me. Filthy looks abounded from receptionist. At a subsequent gp appt i asked could they make a note to say i could have a copy of my bloods. I was told "its more complicated than that as some people couldn't handle them"  I asserted that i understood that but i can handle them. No response. Oh well it will probably be a battle again in a couple months time for next ones, although i will print out this leaflet and give it to them for what good it'll do  :-(  

  • Thank u im going to try again . It's awful when it's our bodies they're dealing with why hide what is going on ? X

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