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Please Help

I believe my Hashimotos started after my second child and was diagnosed about 3 years later after one doctor finally sending me for blood tests. I don't live in the UK so i don't have a regular GP like the UK and have to rely on myself to get blood tests etc.. I have been to see three different endos here and have found them to be of no help except to tell me a lot of my symptons are because i am overweight and then take a lot of money of me!! I last had my levels checked in May and were ok, (im currently on euthytox 100 a day)in the last two months i have been feeling very tired really depressed and emotional - i have constant hot sweats, a very bloated stomach, bad lower back pain, and a permenent lump in my throat. I have heart palpertations regulary and seem to have developed an allergy to cold - (Cold Ultricia) My neck look swollen but as my weight seems to creeping up more im not sure if thats due to that. I have been under a lot of stress recently as i want to return to the UK (Im british) but my husband doesn't want to go back, i feel i need the support from family and doctors who i can converse with properly - and as i have two very active kids under 11 it all gets a bit too much sometimes. I only recently found your site and i sat and cried reading everyones posts and realising that what i am feeling is not something i am imagining and feeling that i am a hypocondriact. I sit and cry everyday and really find it hard to get out of bed somedays, ive lost all confidence and in a big mess over what to do. Ive had this now for nearly eight years - i really want to feel like me again.

So sorry for the long post - but i need help with what i need to get tested i usually go and ask for a test for thyroid - but is there anything else i should get tested for - and how should i be tested - shall i go early morning before my tablet and before food ???

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Have you not got family over here you can come and visit and get yourself checked out while you are here?

Surely your hubbie can see how ill you are and wont mind you taking a few weeks holiday.

Moggie x


I did go back for the summer and saw a GP - they said as my levels were ok that was all they would check - i didn't know any better until i found this site. They did send me for some counselling which did help with my anxiety. I think my hubby doesn't understand and is just getting fed up with it and all i want to do is get better.


hi there 'hadenuff' , I think you need to pm helvella and I am certain that he will be able to give you a list of specific tests that you NEED to be carried out [ t3/t4/ferretin etc ] you will then get the fuller picture ---- and hubby may well realise what is happening and be more condusive to your problems......and yoooos will be far more 'au fait ' ......never ever forget that the people on this site are far more experienced that I or thy and we can all learn and help others at a later time !!!!! ....alan xx


Thank you for the responses - ive pmd helvella - hopefully that will help. ive been just trying to get along thinking that this was it for the last 7 years - this site is giving me hope and information that i just didnt think was there.


The obvious tests are:

Free T4

Free T3

TSH (whether you believe in it or not, it is what others will base decisions on)

If you have never had one, an antibody test (probably Thyroid Peroxidase antibodies)

Vitamin D

Vitamin B12 (preferably Active B12 but that has only limited availability, especially on most other countries of the world)


Iron (at least ferritin)

Full Blood Count (maybe called 'complete blood count' where you are)

Also a really good idea to collect together your test results from the last seven years (or as far back as they go).

I prefer to answer in public so that others can comment on what I say (agree, disagree, or correct me!) and others might take something from what I write!



Thank you i will take the list with me, is it best to have the tests before i take my levo and before i eat? I have all my results but managed to leave them in the uk !!! Will get copies from the blood man on thurs.


Hello there...sounds similar to what happened to me; although I managed to get help. Where are you based?

I can offer you a online site to check out that might help. It'll take you through checking your autoimmune symptoms and offers help from qualified practitioners in digestive health. It sounds like you've got some digestive issues to me.

Have a look at and good luck.



Hi skyfall im in Cyprus - thanks ill have a look at that site


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