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Help with bloods please and home testing

Hello and thanks in advance, a little bit of background info im worried about my 7 year old son, i scott have graves and my son was probably conceived when i was undiagnosed. My son has autistic spectrum disorder with an underline learning difficulty, My son is very tall and has big feet for age and can eat and eat and still be skinny he is also very flexible ie both feat behind back of neck and lots of energy same as i when i was a child, So heres the results im sorry its only the nhs so i only have the tsh 4.09 and his free t4 was 15.3. I was expecting hyper results but unless im having a graves moment even with a 1 to 5 range that the nhs stick to thats nearly at the top of the range and if it was the usa standered that would be subclinical hypo or have i got this wrong. Second question if i were to use one of the online pharmacy mention on the thyroid uk site what test should i have done and mums worried that is this legal to do this on a minnor with the home test kits. Thanks very much for your time on this if you need more info just ask.

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You mean the on-line labs like Blue Horizon?

I can't see how getting your own tests done could ever be illegal if it is in the interests of the individual being tested. Certainly, some US states have various restrictions (on everyone!), but I'd hazard a guess that if taken to their supreme court, they might be struck down.

Please, please be aware that there are different paediatric ranges - adult ranges are inappropriate. Make sure that you point this out to the lab and get the appropriate numbers!

Some tests do not even need someone to take the blood, instead relying on finger-prick samples. Would your son be OK with that? If so, go to the home blood test bit of the Blue Horizon link:




I,m just wondering if your son has Marfan's syndrome?


He has Autistic spectrum disorder or an other word for it is PDD the paediatric doctor said he dosnt have asperges because he has an underline learning difficulty, and with him being so skinny i thought of hyper and asked could he have thyroid problem, to the reply hes in range no. I have not heard of Marfan's syndrome? i will consult Dr Google and get back to you thanks


i can see why you thought of this but i dont think he has this once i gooled it thanks for your reply


if he is hypermobile you should ask for a referral to a hypermobility clinic, there's one at Great Ormond Street


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