A little help please

Hi all looking for a bit of info please,

had blood results last friday T4 76.2, TSH, 0.001, T3 38.5

doctor says im hyper and need to see an endo mor meds and marked as urgent.

i worried as hoping to go away middle august

my main issues are struggling to breath, palpitations ever now again and the shivers/shakes feeling warm and have no concentration.

Any advice anyone can give me please

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  • Kuga,

    Has your GP prescribed Carbimazole?

  • Hi thanks for your reply my GP just said im hyper and need to see a endo for meds, tbh i feel awful

  • Kuga,

    I'm not surprised you feel awful, your FT4 and FT3 are very high. I am surprised your GP hasn't prescribed Carbimazole while you're waiting for the endocrinology appointment to come through. Perhaps your GP could contact endocrinology for guidance on dosing?

  • Clutter, Kuga, has asked a question further down the page. :)

  • Thank you, Shaws.

  • HI, ive just come of the phone and managed to get a cancellation tonight at 1830 to go private to see David Scott Coombes at the spire in cardiff. Im worried tbh and its £170 well spent if he gives me meds. Even though my GP market urgent on NHS its a piece of string to me on how long before im seen.

  • I am hypo so don't know the 'ins/outs of Hyperthyroidism. Clutter will not have seen your question unless she looks at this thread. You have to press the 'reply' if you need an answer.

    If you get directions from your Private Doctor you might settle down quite quickly (cross fingers). I'll contact Clutter for you as she was hyper at one time.

  • Thanks

  • Clutter,

    Do you think it will be ok for me to go on my holiday next month ? i have a special needs daughter so lifes never quite.

  • Kuga,

    I wasn't hyperthyroid and have never taken Carbimazole so I don't know how long it will take to start bringing down your thyroid levels. If you feel well enough to go on holiday I would make sure you know where the nearest GP and hospital are and hope to enjoy the holiday.

  • Thanks Clutter, I have got to go my GPs later to pick up tablets will let you know what they are forget the name lol. I was told if i got a saw throat with them i would have to come straight off them and go to my GP urgent.

  • Kuga,

    That will be Carbimazole. It can lower white cells which fight infection. If you get an infection GP will want to check white cell levels and may take you off Carbimazole until the infection has cleared. Read the patient information leaflet carefully.

  • Hi,

    Yes it was Carbimazole 4omg o.d for four weeks followed by 20mg maintenance dose thereafter.

    He also said after 12months I will come off them and see how my body reacts ?

  • Kuga,

    You will need a thyroid blood test every 4-6 weeks until levels are stable.

    Many patients experience remission 12-18 months after Carbimazole treatment. Remission is unlikely to be permanent in patients who have Graves Disease.

  • Clutter,

    forgot to mention blood test in 6weeks and also going for blood test Monday (trab antibody titre) for Graves. I have put it off this week due to the shock and how I feel

  • Hi,

    My gp marked my first appointment as urgent and I waited a month for mine.

  • Thats what i thought tbh

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