Have test on the way! 😊

I finally went for a Blue Horizon thyroid plus eleven.. This was £99 and the woman stated there were no further TUK discounts as they are going to donate to the site and have reduced the tests themselves.. It will come mid week so I'm going to get tested Monday week so blood is in the post Monday week.. That way not waiting over the weekend for lab folk to use it... I can't wait to share results... Thanks 😊 Jo


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  • Yes, TUK do get a small discount if we use recommended sites.

  • Hi the lady I booked the eleven plus said they had taken a lot off each price and therefore wouldn't give the discount anymore.. That test was £99 which is cheaper than 3days ago ... The twelve plus is £139. Now... Fingers crossed

  • Hi, I've literally just been looking at blue horizon this afternoon and was really confused. Not sure what I expected but it wasn't a kit in the post! Sorry if it's a naive question but who do you get to draw the blood? Will nhs phlebo do it? And do you really just post it back?! Does this not damage or affect the sample? Thanks, sorry you probably weren't looking for questions! 

  • There's more than one Blue Horizon site. I'll find you a direct link to the one that offers the "collect at home" and "microtainer" option.

    You fill the microtainer with blood from a pricked finger, so no phlebotomist required.  And the vials are filled with heparin, so the blood stays "good" in the post. They do advise that you don't send a sample at the end of the week, so that it isn't sitting around in a postbox over the weekend.

  • Amazing, thank you!

  • Do both options provide something sharp and pointy? I can do vaccutainer if they give you all the kit...

  • I think they'd expect you to have your own needles etc to do the vacutainer one.  With the microtainer finger prick test you get a lancet (3 usually!) and the microtainer (plus plasters and swabs etc.

    That said, I've never ordered the vacutainer version. Couldn't see the point, given the fingerprint seems to work just as well!

  • Hi Jazzw,

    I did the BH +12 a month or so ago. They provided the vacutainer with needle attached.

    My niece drew the blood so easily. The same as your practice nurse would do.

    Excellent piece of equipment.


  • Hi Zoz1,

    See my reply to Jazzw below.


  • That's great to know! I have friends who are qualified to draw blood but wouldn't be able to 'borrow' equipment so that's perfect!

  • so as you can see the plus ten is £79 instead of £89 which was the discounted price...

  • Well, I got £10 off the Thyroid 11 by using TUK10 the night before last - got it online for £89. So is might be a really new thing I s'pose.

  • Scorpiojo, you're right - the box for the coupon code has gone, so I got in just in time, it seems...

  • oh well.. I needed to find out if the hospital would do a private draw after a gp yearly review one.. So the dither cost me....

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