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Sorry I've not been around for a few days but been in hospital as emergency admission. It boils down to what was thought to be a kidney infection,treated with 2 lots of antibiotics, didn't get better. One day and a scan and it's revealed I have big (+1cm)kidney stones - one on each side. They've been blocking normal kidney flow, which is why most recent tests have tumbled. I had surgery yesterday morning and they removed the smaller stone and have left a stent in the other to dilate access to the other stone so they can laser zap it in a few weeks. Staff have been great,though over worked to the nth degree, but I still hate staying in hospital. Fortunately the upcoming zapping session will only be day surgery, fingers crossed.

For the first time in several months the pain in my back is being adequately controlled with the right meds. Bliss - and to have a bath,hair wash and fresh clothes is just...One brilliant thing at this hospital,and I've never met it before, is that you can self-medicate. Your drugs are in your locker in your room and you have the key. So much better for someone like me with my over 40 tablets a day, some PRN.

I hope to be able to pop over here most days,and promise I won't go on at such length! Love and hugs to you all.

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Hope you feel better soon xx


Hope you feel better soon, take things easy.

Best Wishes

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Oh poor you. Hope you feel better soon xx


so happy for you that your reasonably comfortable , and they are getting to your current problem -- and more importantly-- treating it properly ....... I hope your feeling a tad more comfortable and look forward to hearing even better news from you soon .....alan xxx


Be warned theres quite a tendency to develop high BP following zapping kidney stones

IMHE Berberis tincture is best as dissolving kidney stones


I wish you all the best, get well very soon mumcat2.

(I have 2 cats too) :) xx


Thank you for all the lovely messages - it makes me feel very special. Continuing to feel OK and I seem to be getting some colour back in my face now some of the rubbish is being filtered out again!


Hope you are feeling better soon. Keep your pecker up as my Grandad used to say. At least you know what it is, but hospital can be so boring. Just keep focused on the lovely summer days. Thinking of you and hope you get home soon. xx


It must be a great relief to have got rid of some of the pain and the toxins. Hope the next procedure goes well and the improvement continues.


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