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Thyroid gene testing?

I am female, aged 51, and living in the UK.

Is there a link between Factor V Leiden and Hypothyroidism, and as I am heterozygote for Factor V Leiden, should I have the D102 Genetic Test to see if I have a thyroid faulty gene.

I ask this because my thyroid problem is proving very difficult to treat, and my thyroid medication (Liothyronine) seems to be affecting my blood pressure, which was ok before starting it. I know that thyroid conditions can alter the cholesterol level, if not balanced. I have just been told that I have high cholesterol, at 8.57, and that I have high blood pressure. Although it is thought that I have secondary hypothyroidism, having had Cushing's disease and now being deficient in just about all pituitary hormones, I do wonder if I have also acquired this through my genes. My Mum was never treated for any thyroid disorder, but looking back, she had many of the symptoms. She also had high blood pressure and high cholesterol, uncontrolled still at her death 23 years ago. I am unable to find out where I acquired the faulty gene from to give me Factor V Leiden mutation.

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Your question's a bit complex for me so hopefully someone will come along to answer the gene test part - but was just wondering how much liothyronine you take. Is it possible you're not on enough?

What thyroid replacement hormones do you take? Do you have any recent blood test results to share? If you have a doctor who is wedded to TSH's being in range, there's a good chance you may be undertreated.



DIO2 CC genotype impairment may impair T4 to T3 conversion.  As you are already taking Liothyronine (T3) is there any benefit in knowing whether or not you have that particular impairment?  There are other DIO2 polymorphisms, Thr92Ala is associated with low bone density and osteoporosis. 


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