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Postive pregnancy test

I lost a baby this time last year and today my cycle was two weeks late. I tested twice last week both negative today I got a weak Postive. I need advice regarding my levo I've only just upped it too 100 mcc should I automatically up again? I was on 100 last year but doc refused the 125mcg and baby only grew too 8 weeks. Also what about my iron and vit b12 and b complex none are pregnancy suitable doc won't be much help with supplements I know that. Advice please

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Women with hypothyroidism can have problems with their pregnancies. I am not medically qualified but I would up my dose by 25mcg. Others who are more knowledgeable will respond too. It will be a worry for you.


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Hi,    There is a link between antibodies and  miscarriage ir pre term babies.   In fact there is currently a trial being run by Birmingham university to see if giving levothyroxine to mothers with antibodies, but no signs of  hypothyroidism , will help prevent problems... birmingham.ac.uk/research/a...

Do you know if  your hypothyroidism is due to having high antibodies? 

This NICE doctor uodate says that levothyroxine should be increased by 30% as soon as pregnancy is confirmed....   gp-update.co.uk/files/docs/...

Any idea of your current thyroid test results?

Congratulations and good luck!

Xx g



Thank you for reply I had bloods about two months ago and I was taking 75mcg and my tsh had gone from 3.5 too 2.1 same dose though my fatigued returned recently and my hair started falling out so my doc agreed the increase too 100 again and blood test in six week. Regards too other questions I don't know why I'm hypo I wasn't before pregnancy then I was 


In that case i would ask for your antibodies to be measured so you know if its auto immune or not and at the 6 week blood test, which must be due anytime now, ask for an increase as per the  gp update link i gave earlier.

Remeber not to take your meds before a test.....  And dont eat.   And get tested Early as possible.



Ask to be referred to an endocrinologist xx

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Congrats! Make sure you have enough B12 and folate as these prevent neural tube defects in babies.


I really don't want to worry you, but I had four early miscarriages after my first daughter was born.  I'd already been on Levothyroxine for years before my first pregnancy, and my GP didn't increase my dose at all during my pregnancy with her, as my labs remained stable.  I seemed to have a bout of post partum thyroiditis sometime after she was born, which went undiagnosed, despite multiple visits to my local surgery.  After my first miscarriage (3 yrs after daughter's birth), I went to see an endo for the first time. He increased my T4 dose, but that did not prevent the next 3 miscarriages.  Neither did taking progesterone or aspirin during early pregnancy (prescribed subsequently by various OB-GYNs).  After the 4th miscarriage, I went the functional medicine route, and a whole new level of understanding of hypothyroidism/ Hashimoto's/ Autoimmune disease began unfolding for me.  It turns out that autoimmune disease doesn't "just happen" because of bad luck.  There are causes, and often they are related to dietary or environmental allergies/ intolerances.  Stress also worsens things.  With Hashimoto's (and more than 90% of hypothyroidism is believed to be Hashimoto's, which is autoimmune), gluten and dairy are often culprits, because their molecules are similar to thyroid tissue, so the the immune system can easily mistake the one for the other and begin attacking your thyroid, as it thinks it is the "foreign invaders" gluten and dairy.  Now, all of us are different and can have different intolerances, so it's worth (eventually) investigating whether you have any and what they are.  I don't recommend embarking on an extensive elimination diet during pregnancy, but if I were you, I would consider dropping gluten and dairy immediately if you can (there are plenty of substitutes out there that can make pregnancy comfort eating possible and enjoyable; just please don't replace dairy with soya, as it  really messes with your hormones).  And if you're prone to stress, practice some relaxation techniques or meditation.  [P.S. The follow-on to my story is that, now, 3 yrs after my first visit to my functional medicine doctors, we have an amazing, toddler son who will be two in July.  I fell pregnant with him almost 6 months to the day of my last FM visit, when they told me, "We predict that if you carry on, within six months, you'll be pregnant, ...and stay pregnant."]. I share this story on here a lot -- at risk of being a broken record -- whenever I see posts about miscarriage + hypothyroidism because I just hope my story might help someone else.  Best wishes for this pregnancy.  Do let me know how you get on!  X  


Ask for tests of your vit levels and if the gp won't then do a private blood test include D. Get them all to the top of the range. There is a research study showing that quite high levels of D intake in pregnancy seem to help, should be in the pregnancy section of the vit d council website. Remember iodine too. Bs, iron, iodine, d, all known to be important.


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