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Test results from last week query

After a whole week i finally got last weeks results, at 5 and a half weejs pregnant:

Tsh: 0.13 (0.27-4.2)

T4: 16.4 (10.5-22)

As i was feeling quite unwell, i took slightly more this past week, 125 alternate days with 100 instead of 125 twice a week and 100 5 days, i was concerned this was a little much as i felt slight palpitations today, spoke to my doc who said keep taking original amount, no need to increase yet.

Obviously i can see the tsh is fine but the t4 has dropped from 21.9 10 days previously, although i took my thyroxine before that test.

Can anyone tell me if these levels are ok? Im worried and hormonal.


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Have they ever tested your t3?


No never!!

Im worried that my t4 is dropping so quickly, i read that it typically rises in early pregnancy.


They look fine to me, when is your first midwife appt as they might have more knowledge about acceptable levels than your GP. Saying that your GP has been good hasn't she and heart palps would suggest that you did take slightly too much levo.

Moggie x


Im still waiting to hear from.the endo moggie, not had app thru yet.

Yeah will take 125 every 3rd day maybe, i am worried about that dropping t4 tho. Do you think it was the vast difference not taking meds before tests makes?


Could well be - if I were you I would discount your last bloods (the ones that were messed up by taking meds just before tests) as they will be unreliable so you cannot base these one's on those one's and say your FT4 is falling. Have you got bloods from the test before the one that was messed up. If so it would be a better comparison.

Moggie x


Thanks moggie,

My t4 was about 18 in january x


So it hasn't fallen that much since January has it, but you need to keep an eye and if you find it has fallen further then start questioning your GP.

Moggie x


Perhaps this article might tell you something useful :

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There's some more good info here:

Requirements for Levo during pregnancy do increase right from the start of the pregnancy, so for what it's worth, I think you're right to consider whether you need to raise your dose slightly. The page I've just linked to says:

Women already on thyroxine before pregnancy should have their dose increased by approximately 30% at the beginning of pregnancy and have TSH and T4 levels checked every eight weeks.


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