Is Wockhardt doing it now?

Just an observation. I use Wockhardt Levo as an adjunct to my NDT. A few days ago, starting a new prescription, I noticed that the tablets have changed in density and taste, being as sweet and crunchy exactly like the Mercury Pharm tablets I tried a few moths ago when T4 was introduced to my NDT regime (don't go there!)

I'm wondering if Wockhardt have pulled a switch on us like whatsits did a few years back. Any ideas?

And as a side issue - as posting goes, has this site been changed again??

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Gosh i hope not - Wockhardt 25mcg is the only one I can tolerate. what mcgs are you taking ? when I did my research the 25mcg was the only one without nasty fillers etc...

25 micrograms is the ONLY dosage produced by Wockhardt for the UK market.

...this site seemed to change yesterday just as I was in middle of writing something! As to the rest re W,  I can't comment cos I don't know - or who whatsits are. 

The current online Patient Information Leaflet says it was last updated 07/2015. What date is on the PIL in your packet?


Patient Information Leaflet


Wockhardt have always tasted sweet.  Sucrose (fine powder) is one of the ingredients.  I've been taking Wockhardt every other day since June and haven't noticed any changes.

Disgustingly sweet, in my view. (Mind, I'd put up with that if I felt I needed to take Wockhardt rather than some other make.)


They are disgustingly sweet but I don't like Mercury Pharma and I'm fine on Wockhardt so I stick with them.

Hi Schenks, I can only take Wockhardt. They usually taste sweeter than other brands but I did think the latest pack tasted sweeter than the last batch.

Thanks annie - thought I was going wonky again!

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