Is Wockhardt doing it now?

Just an observation. I use Wockhardt Levo as an adjunct to my NDT. A few days ago, starting a new prescription, I noticed that the tablets have changed in density and taste, being as sweet and crunchy exactly like the Mercury Pharm tablets I tried a few moths ago when T4 was introduced to my NDT regime (don't go there!)

I'm wondering if Wockhardt have pulled a switch on us like whatsits did a few years back. Any ideas?

And as a side issue - as posting goes, has this site been changed again??

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  • Gosh i hope not - Wockhardt 25mcg is the only one I can tolerate. what mcgs are you taking ? when I did my research the 25mcg was the only one without nasty fillers etc...

  • 25 micrograms is the ONLY dosage produced by Wockhardt for the UK market.

  • ...this site seemed to change yesterday just as I was in middle of writing something! As to the rest re W,  I can't comment cos I don't know - or who whatsits are. 

  • The current online Patient Information Leaflet says it was last updated 07/2015. What date is on the PIL in your packet?

  • PIL?

  • Patient Information Leaflet

  • Schenks,

    Wockhardt have always tasted sweet.  Sucrose (fine powder) is one of the ingredients.  I've been taking Wockhardt every other day since June and haven't noticed any changes.

  • Disgustingly sweet, in my view. (Mind, I'd put up with that if I felt I needed to take Wockhardt rather than some other make.)

  • Helvella,

    They are disgustingly sweet but I don't like Mercury Pharma and I'm fine on Wockhardt so I stick with them.

  • Hi Schenks, I can only take Wockhardt. They usually taste sweeter than other brands but I did think the latest pack tasted sweeter than the last batch.

  • Thanks annie - thought I was going wonky again!

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