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Bone Scan appointment

Hi, I am having a bone scan on Monday and a bit worried about the injection you have 3 hours before.  Just wondering if anyone had any problems with the injection or any adverse reactions if they had this done.  I have had reactions to several medications in the past and injections so a bit worried.  I am on 100mcg of levothyroxine and not had a thyroid test now for about a year. Many thanks 

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Is this a DEXA scan?

I have just had one.


If it's just a bone density dexa scan there is no contrast material injected. It's just a simple scan.


ok, ty.  It is not a density scan then as I will be having an injection prior. 


I dont believe it is a DEXA scan.  As I complained about pain in bones I assume they are just checking to ensure all is ok. All I was told is that I will be given an injection 3 hours before they do the scan. 


Hi norwood1,

I had a MRA of my hip just before Easter. The difference in MRI and MRA is the injection of the Contrast Agent. 

The whole procedure was over in less than 2 hours in my case,but as you know everyone has different experiences.

Before the test I asked a lot of questions regarding the Contrast Agent, as I too can be allergic to different medications.

There is a lot of information available online if you google MRA scan.

Did you get a form to fill in? I didn't sign mine until I spoke to the Doctor who was administering the injection. He reassured me completely. 

There was no pain at all throughout the whole process as you get a tiny injection of local anesthetic to numb the area.

When he/she is happy that the dye is in the correct place, you go into the MRI machine. It took 25 minutes. It was warm and I drifted off to sleep.

I hope I have been some help norwood1. Feel free to ask any questions you need an answer to.



Thank you so much for your reply and information.  I will look up for more info and ask questions as you suggested.  I hope all was well with your results. Best wishes Ann


You are welcome norwood1,

No results as yet. 

Good Health



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