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How to get specialist to increase dose?


My TSH is 1.73

FT4 is 18.7

I would like to increase my dose from 25mcg to 50mcg as I have the antibodies.

Any words of advice I could say to my specialist this afternoon to ask him to increase dose as I think he will be reluctant too with these levels. The reason I want to increase it , is to make the TSH closer to 1 , so I wont have to worry about it going over 3.

I am being monitored by NHS blood tests.

I am also worried about losing weight. I have already lost 3lbs in one month with a very low BMI. Will the higher dose make me lose more weight.

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email louise.warvill@thyroiduk.org.uk and ask for a copy of the Pulse Online article wherein (question 6) it advises the low TSH to aim for.

Highlight and discuss with your Endo.

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But aren't You pregnant? It's a very personal thing but if it were me I wouldn't mess about with the meds at all- no way! No one here is qualified to advise anything for anyone who is pregnant really, if you feel ok why not wait? If you are being monitored throughout and its checked regularly and you are doing ok, why meddle with it for now.



I'm seeing specialist for levothyroxine and the GP is aware of what I am doing even though I am pregnant and seem happy to monitor me due to my antibodies and it is on my record that i am taking meds. I wouldn't say I was messing with meds as that would be silly to do. I understand that nobody here is qualified but I know the lowest dose people take with thyroid antibodies is around 50 mcg in pregnancy according to the NHS TABLET trial, 25mcg is to small of a dose which is why I am asking for advice on how to make the specialist understand my case. Also, becuase I have not yet reached my target TSH or 1. I am very vary of buying online and very careful i buy from a known UK pharmacy. I'm just asking for advice on how to get the specialist to listen to my individual case.

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Tell the specialist what you've just said in your reply to Soppysal.  If he doesn't think a 25mcg increase is warranted perhaps a compromise of 25mcg/50mcg would be satisfactory.

If you do lose weight due to increasing Levothyroxine it won't show for long.  I was advised to eat small frequent meals and supplement Complan to gain weight.  The My Protein Extra Gainer protein shake I mentioned in your other post is a lot more palatable than Complan.


Hi Hidden, please could you share the link to the reference you mention from the Tablet trial where it says 25mg isn't enough? I might need to use it as well 


It doesn't say 25mcg isn't enough. It just states women in a similar condition to me are taking 50mcg and many people on here said it's a low dose. But I believe that I have been taking levothyroxine for 25mcg for over 4 four 4 weeks and it has brought the TSH down.  I just thought in pregnancy it may need to be increased.

My private endo has said that he will give me 25mcg for the remainder of my pregnancy so I am happy with that and will go with that.

I can't find the link maybe google NHS TABLET Trial .


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