what next?

we have been paying into a private health care thing via hubby work and we have recently qualified for medical support.

i have to wait for another 2 months to see an endocrinologist but am hoping that they might be able to  get me seen sooner...

I'm feeling really ropey since stopping the meds, there have been some really positive things since changing diet but i feel that i am still struggling. 

I've never been the most patient person and i know that all of this stuff takes time to bed in.....i spoke to an independent GP from this health place and he suggested...you guessed it....HRT and antidepressants....my heart sank into the depths of despair......

why is thyroid so difficult to sort out...all i want to do is FEEL BETTER! what else do i do to FEEL better?????

changing diet taking cocktails of nutritional supplements to support my system........exercising regularly (albeit gentle) taking meds not taking meds...and still no improvement...

what do i do next?

i am feeling that this is it..this is as good as it gets and I'm destined to feel like this forever!... what else can i do?

Feeling beyond despair.

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  • Are you premenopausal? What if you *do* need HRT?  It's a valid hormone(s) to take. Have you ever had a hormone panel done?  Testosterone especially?

    I can understand the reticence to go on antidepressants - they're doled out like sweets (especiallly to women) but when the times comes for me, I'll be smothering myself in bio-identicle HRT! :0)

  • they put me on them last year, id rather use natural hormones, and I'm using a phytoestrogen nutritional supplement already....which was working until i stopped my medications....i stopped the medications because it was making my hair fall out in handfuls...the hair loss is slowing down....i guess i have to wait and see what happens....

  • If you have a free choice of an Endocrinologist email louise.warvill@thyroiduk.org.uk who has a list of sympathetic ones.

    Also you can put up a fresh post asking (giving your area) if someone can send you a Private Message if they've found a good Endo. Sometimes we have to travel.

  • thank  you shaws...ive never felt as completely helpless as i do right now

  • Hi in order to try and help you I need more specific informations? Like tests done, levels and the range the lab uses, have you had you FT4/3 tested? And supplements your taking, inc your Vit D3 and B12 if you have them. These are nessicary to know, to help... 

  • I'm seeing a nutritionist and she is the only one who has managed to get my iron levels up in just over a year!! I'm dairy free and gluten free, I've had free t4 and t3 tested they told me i was over medicated on armour thyroid...so i stopped taking it as i was down to about 1/2 grain! hardly seemed worth taking and my hair was just literally falling out.....im on a multitude of vitamin and iron supplements, maca root, probiotics, anti inflammatories to heal guts etc etc...im on a high protein high fibre diet with lots of water! i take bit C with my iron 

    these are my last test results

    Serum free triiodothyronine level 8.4 pmol/L [3.5 - 6.2]

    Above high reference limit

    Serum free T4 level 10.0 pmol/L [8.0 - 16.0]

    Updated thyroid hormone reference intervals based on local

    population data (1st September 2015)

    Serum TSH level 7.10 mU/L [0.54 - 4.25]

    Above high reference limit

    ? on any thyroid medication?

    General Information

    Service Type: New

    Status: Unspecified

    Provider Report ID: CHM0190361603300950G,16.0542504001

    Report Date: 30 Mar 2016

    i was off armour for 5 weeks when this was done....

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