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Advice for next go visit

Hi everyone,

I posted about a month ago after blood results came back and tsh was 43. Thyroxine was upped from 150mcg to 200mcg.

So I have been doing as advised on here and taking my meds with water an hour before I eat or drink anything else (was taking with breakfast before as knew no different). I feel only slightly better am still tired all day and feeling low but my main worry is that my hands especially around my knuckle joints and my legs and back are really painful. I'm going for bloods in two weeks but not sure I can cope that long. I am really really struggling to make it to work each day and when there can't concentrate am dropping things constantly and really just don't want to be there. (I am a cleaner/housekeeper so manual work all day long)

I need help with should I be taking supplements? If so which ones? I've seen some posts recommending asking go for vit d and other tests,is this advisable do you think? Should I wait for bloods or just buy something and start it . can't go on like this I am so fed up of feeling poorly. Any advice gladly received.


Oh forgot to say I'm having terrible reactions to bread pasta pastry.. Tummy swells so I look pregnant!

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firstly you clearly have ignored all the advice on this forum

1) tests for ferritin , folate,b12.vitd3 are the very first thing which should have been done right at the outset

2) going wheat and gluten free is obvious when you have bloating symptoms

3) taking a good multivitamin before bed is in almost everyone of my responses to all

Hypothyroid trashes every vitamin and mineral in the body

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I consider myself told off! I haven't had any tests done as I am not due to see gp until six weeks after my dose increase. .it isn't obvious to me I've been told it could be IBS giving me bloated belly,

I won't bother posting again I was hoping for help and advice and now you made me feel worse than I did before, thanks!


its not a matter of telling you off

you say you followed advice on this forum

its not only me who says tests for ferritin etc are vital

its not only me who says bloating after bread pasta is likely gluten /coeliac

its not only me who recommends taking supplements

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Daija, ask for ferritin, vitamin D, B12 and folate to be tested. There's no point in guessing how much you need, you'll either take too much or too little. Post the results with lab ref ranges in a new question and members will advise what and how much to supplement.

You can safely take 1,000mg vitamin C without testing and epsom salts in the bath and magnesium spray oil may help with aches and pains.

Leave 24 hours between last dose of Levothyroxine and blood draw. There's really no point in having the blood test earlier as it takes 6 weeks for the dose increase to metabolise. Is it possible to negotiate fewer hours or lighter duties for a few weeks until you are feeling better?

ps gluten-free diet can be very helpful in managing IBS and usually reduces bloating and gas.

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Thank you.


Having bloating which specifically comes on with bread, pasta etc. could be gluten intolerance. This can have a big effect on levothroxine absorption. Your fT4 was 10.5 when you are taking 150 mcg levothyroxine. I would expect it to be much higher unless you are quite large. You should tell your doctor about the reactions to bread, pasta and ask to be tested. Please note you should NOT go gluten free in the meantime as this will stop the test from working.

The blood tests can be brought forward a little. Four weeks is sufficient time for the levels to settle down, the results will be accurate to within six or seven percent. Six weeks is required for more accurate results when fine tuning the dosage. You are nowhere near this stage! See if you can get the blood test brought forward.

Explain to your GP what effect all this is having on your life, especially work, as this means more to a doctor than just saying you are awful.

Supplements are expensive and will be a waste of money if you have gluten intolerance as you will not absorb them properly. You can get vitamin D by trying to get a bit of sunshine now the weather's improving. This is much better than supplementing and doesn't rely on gut absorption.

Magnesium deficiency can increase muscular pain, there's no simple test for this. The best way is to supplement either by taking magnesium citrate or epsom salt baths (you absorb a little through the skin). Better still is to ensure your diet includes magnesium rich foods such as tomatoes and green vegetables (spinach, brocolli - cabbage is not good for bloating).


Thank you.


I am phoning for an appointment to be seen ASAP, I will write down all I need to ask for so I don't forget. Thank you for your help.

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